The Dinosaur Hoax

To defeat religion’s God, Scientism needed there to be evidence of evolution, more than just words, and suddenly, in the late 1700’s, dinosaur fossils miraculously began appearing.

Why would I be writing about this? Why is it important in the context of the madness, death and destruction all around us today?

Sophie sent this series of articles a couple of weeks ago. I was drawn into them because adults and young children alike are fascinated by dinosaur images, film and TV. Money plays a key role in the dinosaur myth, while dislocation from our spiritual source is an essential part of the strategy for world domination and control.

If you’ve been convinced dinosaurs existed millions of years ago, this is a deep, dark, rabbit hole that requires your attention. When we’ve been lied to about so much, why wouldn’t dinosaurs also be a lie?…

The Dinosaur HOAX: The Royal Society, United Nations, Quaker Oats and Chicken Bones 🦴 PART 1
Dismantling one of the biggest lies in “history”; the entire foundation of Evolution Theory…WE HAVE NEVER SEEN A REAL DINOSAUR BONE
You read that correctly; we have never seen a real dinosaur bone. Every bone in the museums are fake…

The Dinosaur HOAX: PSYOPS & SCHEMES: Faking Footprints and Worldwide Collusion
PART 2: A hilarious “history” lesson: the entire world began finding “dinosaur fragments” at the same time.

Part 3: The Dinosaur Hoax 🦴 The Inner Workings of a Sham & JUNK SCIENCE
I have a bone to pick with paleontology…

They discovered “dinosaurs”. I discovered shocking connections, through which all roads lead to NASA…

Part 5: The Dinosaur HOAX 💰FOLLOW THE MONEY🦕
The final chapter.

Our reliance on money as the means to organise ourselves inevitably leads to perverse incentives to lie and hide what should be obvious to everyone. Such is the power of money to control the behaviour of individuals, museums, governments, corporations, media, NGOs and on and on that only those who shun the rewards of compliance to discover for themselves see through the illusions.