We Are All Coolies

Danny has been supportive of and has contributed to the work of the Critical Thinking project and its successors for some years, not least in providing meeting space, events and screen printing facilities in 2015. When we crossed paths in Eddie’s print studio on Tuesday, I spotted he had a few “Cool!tude” T-shirts. Danny explained … Read more

Design Value

We are exploring money and perceptions of value through the medium of art at Invisible Universe. DesignPhillips recently held an auction of “designer” furniture and lighting. The printed item in the video above of three stools, taken from their webpage, had a price guide of $9,000 to $12,000. The sale price realised was £22,680. Double … Read more

Complex Organisation By Universal Consciousness

Co-creative learning amplifies our understanding, sometimes when we are shown information from friends and family who may not share our world view. This article is prompted by Jason recently sharing a couple of videos. The first deals with the infinite. Not in mathematical terms although, as far as we are concerned, the possibilities are so … Read more

Pesky Facts – We Are Harvested

This short video which arrived from “You Are Not in Debt!” Telegram channel clearly explains how we are harvested by specific example. It applies to everything that we are charged for because money displaced trust between humans. Amid the complexity of generations of statutes and precedents from case law, reality has become obscured. Pesky Facts … Read more

Rabbit Hole Illusions

My limited social media network has spawned a couple of conversations on whether “covid” is “real”. Covid is real in the sense that it is a trojan rather than a transmissible virus. The following is how I responded to one message relating to how much information on the fabricated nature of the so-called pandemic is … Read more

Co-Creative Dynamics

In co-creative research, analysis and development there is a power that is difficult to quantify or explain but many will have experienced this power when working collaboratively. Since ceasing to work on the Critical Thinking project, a few of us have been collaborating in other groups and between them, they’ve accelerated our comprehension and appreciation … Read more

The Language Of Value

The work on money that we started within Critical Thinking and continued with the digital currency global initiative (DCGI) and elsewhere revealed that technology opens up new possibilities to account for the value created by humans, their activities and relationships. Alex has been making connections with people from the business community who are exploring the … Read more

Awareness Foundation

I recently attended a presentation to a local group by the awareness.foundation. The event was well attended but somewhat chaotic – not unusual in activist circles. I left after a couple of hours (it started an hour late) because I’d had enough and didn’t need to hear much more. I was asked subsequently of what … Read more

NHS World Order

In March 2021, I described the NHS as a gulag. Gulag is the Russian acronym for Chief Administration of Corrective Labour Camps. I referred to Gulag Academia, the paper we produced in November 2019, the year in which the NHS Long Term Plan was published (with very little publicity at the time). Given the ominous … Read more