Multiple Perspectives Are Essential

Mainstream (and many social media) reports and explanation of events and issues tend to provide a one dimensional view of the world not least because they seem to parrot the same scripts. When aiming off these narratives, critics often resort to binary arguments which, at best, result in a two dimensional view and keep discussion … Read more

European Economic Suicide

Following on from the discussion on George Galloway’s Kalima Horra show in May this year that explored the economic and financial impacts of US led sanctions on Russia, I was invited to participate in a recording in late August to discuss the impact on Europe. The programme aired this week, ironically, shortly before Liz Truss … Read more

Shining A Light

I was invited to co-author an article, for the latest edition of The Light newspaper, that was published this week on page 3. I would also commend to you Ben Hunt’s article on page 22 among the many excellent pieces in the newspaper. Still under the influence (The Light Issue 26 – Monthly)‘It’s a big … Read more

The Art Of War

It is unusual for me to post two articles in one day. However, having been recently asked to comment on the war in Ukraine in the context of the absorption of four oblasts into the Russian Federation, current events on the ground and media hysteria need some explanation. Wednesday’s interview is in Arabic simultaneously translated … Read more

Beings Of Light

As crazy rises, the vibrations of light gather strength and momentum… the craziness will pass as we move into the light. We have no need to fear the crazy… Two Timelines right NOW. Which one are you focusing on? (video 12 minutes 50 seconds) Daily, I find resonance with beacons of light vibrating with awareness. … Read more