Who Rules, How and Why?

The Critical Thinking project that started in 2012, set out to answer this question and arrived at answers within the first five years of its work. Hierarchy and Political Economy – Birkbeck Presentation 2016 (video 51 minutes 28 seconds)Presentation of Critical Thinking’s analysis, pointing to three fundamental flaws in the global political economy.The analysis was … Read more

Consciousness Comes From Feeling Not Data

I was asked to join the Spotlight programme last night to discuss Europe’s economic crisis. Spotlight: EUROPE ECONOMIC WOE (video 21minutes 23 seconds)Discussion of the inflationary and economic crisis unfolding across Europe with Esha Krishnaswamy and Clive Menzies In my contribution, I talk about people awakening to reality. By implication, I was talking about the … Read more

UK Economic Crisis

I was asked to comment on the unfolding economic crisis in the UK for Press TV’s Spotlight programme on Saturday 3 December 2022 Spotlight – UK Economic Crisis 3 December 2022 (video 24 minutes 55 seconds)Britain inflation rate stands at 41-year high of 11.1% amid soaring food and energy prices. UK media say soaring costs … Read more

Unpacking CBDCs

The following Corbett Report video came from Off-Guardian via The Light Telegram group: Episode 433 – CBDCs: Beyond the Basics (video 58 minutes 54 seconds)We all know that central bank digital currencies are bad news. But do you know the difference between retail and wholesale CBDCs? And do you know why the American Bankers Association … Read more

Cui Bono?

One of the most important questions we can ask in our search for comprehension of issues or events is cui bono? Who benefits? Constant reference to this yardstick throughout our work in Critical Thinking and beyond invariably revealed the same answer: those who control money. The extent to which those families that originated and shaped … Read more

Accidental Geopolitics?

Gonzalo Lira’s recent Roundtable discussion on what is happening in the Donbas region of Ukraine provides some interesting insights and alternative perspectives to the fantasies purveyed by western media. The Roundtable #35: On The Ground In The Donbas, with Liu Sivaya and Wyatt Reed (video 1 hour 55 minutes 28 seconds)A conversation with three independent … Read more

Cosmic Shifts

Astrologically we are in pivotal times and yesterday’s Lunar eclipse signals dramatic changes in many respects. Pam Gregory put out a video recently explaining the significance of this event. Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus November 8th 2022 (video 28 minutes 10 seconds) Destruction and death are essential prerequisites for rebirth and this is the phase … Read more

European Economic Suicide

Following on from the discussion on George Galloway’s Kalima Horra show in May this year that explored the economic and financial impacts of US led sanctions on Russia, I was invited to participate in a recording in late August to discuss the impact on Europe. The programme aired this week, ironically, shortly before Liz Truss … Read more

Shining A Light

I was invited to co-author an article, for the latest edition of The Light newspaper, that was published this week on page 3. I would also commend to you Ben Hunt’s article on page 22 among the many excellent pieces in the newspaper. Still under the influence (The Light Issue 26 – Monthly)‘It’s a big … Read more