Be Open and Generous

A couple of days ago, I wrote about husbanding energy and resources, primarily by denying the structure access to them by not paying Council Tax, debt etc. and not engaging with the structure’s false narratives. We also need to co-create ways of living without focusing on or holding onto money. Giving to others what they … Read more

Husband Your Resources and Energy

Eddie sent me two clips from a recent 8 hour Grand Theft World discussion involving Richard Grove and Tony Myers. “anti authoritarian people made to measure” edit from Grand Theft World podcast 075 (video 16 minutes and 57 seconds) John Loftus, Dulles Brothers, Montagu Norman ……….edit from Grand Theft World – 17.04.2022 (video 36 minutes … Read more

Ukraine – Clarity Amid the Competing Propaganda

A couple of weeks ago, I referenced an article by Jacques Baud, a former NATO and intelligence “insider”. That narrative and what follows here is corroborated by many independent sources/perspectives and is consistent with the analysis shared here to date. The Military Situation in the Ukraine—An Update by Jacques BaudThe Operational SituationAs of March 25, … Read more

Why Is Mariupol So Critical?

Why Is Mariupol so critical? NATO personnel are likely trapped underground in a biolab currently under siege in the City of Mariupol. The full duplicity of global, institutional hierarchy is at risk of being exposed for all to see A SECRET NATO BIOWEAPON LABORATORY IN THE UNDERGROUND OF MARIUPOL? by Piero MessinaIn the underground of … Read more

The Work

I’ve remarked in the past how these articles tend to write themselves, i.e. they are driven by a higher power. Furthermore, their timing is similarly driven when items appear via the few social medium platforms I use or into my email. This article is prompted by a poem via a local co-creative Telegram group: To … Read more

Everything Is Connected

Yesterday’s article finished with the statement in today’s title. How do we know everything is connected? Because our and many people’s research from multiple perspectives reveal this to be the case. I provided links to some of the accumulated research within the introduction to Why I Am Here. David Icke has been researching and explaining … Read more

Standing With Ukraine

The orchestrated virtue signalling and memes (featuring blue and yellow) while demonising all things Russian were prepared well in advance of the “Russian invasion”. For example, in retrospect, it is clear that the Skripal pantomime in Salisbury was part of the psychological preparation of the British public. We know how the covid PSYOP has affected … Read more

Why I Am Here – Part 4 Study

The Invisible Universe project is concerned with polymathic exploration, as was Critical Thinking. What does that mean? In practice it means following “breadcrumbs” of information that appear, sometimes unexpectedly, to expand our horizons and understanding. These “breadcrumbs” often have little relationship to preoccupations at the time but somehow take us forward in unexpected ways into … Read more