Supply Chains

In 2020, we referred to WW3 between the structure and humans. WW3 began in September 2001 with the false flag attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington. The war on[f] terror was Phase 1. Phase 2 is man made climate change and Phase 3 is induced mass migration. … Read more

Drugs Cartels Since 1604

We may think that drugs cartels are a modern phenomenon but their origins go back to the granting of a charter to the East India Company by Elizabeth I in 1604 that laid the foundations for empire built on drugs and plunder (piracy). David Martin – News from 1604 (video 56 minutes 52 seconds)Drugs and … Read more

The Hidden History of Medicine

One great benefit arising from my involvement in Critical Thinking and other collaborative learning groups is that people within the co-creative research and analysis community send me information that I wouldn’t come across otherwise. I recently received this “essay” from the author who wishes to remain anonymous for personal reasons. The quality of what they … Read more

The Great Game

Matthew Ehret breaks down American history in the context of the current geopolitical two step involving Russia and China, contrasting the Belt and Road initiative with the relatively poor infrastructure within the US. This somewhat binary analysis is helpful to dispel some of the myths around good guys versus bad guys, e.g. Andrew Jackson who … Read more