The Nature of Reality and Why What Most of What We Think Is Wrong

Following the discussion on Truth & Libraries, roundtable 2, 17/3/21, Medical Myths a couple of weeks ago on viruses, germs and sickness with Dawn Lester, co-author of What Really Makes You Ill?, I had the opportunity to talk to Dawn and David yesterday. THE NATURE OF REALITY AND WHY WHAT MOST OF WHAT WE THINK … Read more

Gulag NHS

Outrageous! How can one possibly equate our “beloved” NHS with the gulag in the former Soviet Union? As we’ve often explained, the global system of control is multi-layered and multi-faceted; to understand how it works and its effects requires examination from many different perspectives. We describe the means to control human attitudes and behaviour in … Read more

“Why are they working, and why are we not?”

Van Morrison bravely asks this question in his song, As I Walked Out, posted in an article on Monday 16th March 2021. One simple but all encompassing answer to this question is The Great Reset. The origins and intent of the great reset are articulated by archetypal Bond villain, Klaus Schwab, founder and president of … Read more

Money, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We’ve demonstrated in recent articles how money drives everything, i.e. nothing changes until money changes. Monetisation of Human Activity Money dictates Human Activity, as explained by Taxonomy of Money. Not only does money hide the value of Need but through the obfuscation of human values into proxy resources, money misdirects the focus of Human Activity, … Read more

Reset the Reset…

RESET THE RESET – WHY ARE THEY WORKING WHEN WE ARE NOT Also on LBRY As I Walked Out – Van Morrison As I walked out all the streets were emptyThe government said everyone should stay homeAnd they spread fear and loathing and no hope for the futureNot many did question this very strange … Read more

Money and the Mob

It should be clear, to those who’ve been following the work of Critical Thinking and among the burgeoning, distributed network of co-creative research, analysis and development, that we are ruled within a criminal structure governed by money. Those who’ve yet to explore the reality of the political economy may find Critical Thinking’s paper on monetary … Read more

Human Money

My previous article focused on the notion of Divine money and money’s alignment or otherwise with Universal or God’s law. However, many have attempted to sever themselves from this essential spiritual connection and consequently dismiss its relevance to them and the world around them. Today’s article is about the human context of money and its … Read more

Divine Money

There is belief, among some, that gold is Divine Money. Others favour a resource based currency claiming, elimination of usury (interest) and a trust based system of exchange will eradicate many of the major problems of today. Indeed, Critical Thinking’s analysis published in October 2019 suggested as much. In the subsequent year or so we’ve … Read more

The Future of Money

20TH HOUR – FUTURE OF MONEY – MOHSIN ABBAS – CLIVE MENZIES – 28TH FEB 2021Discussion on Ahlebait TV: Digital Money; Robo-Advisers; Crypto-Currencies; the Cashless Society; Data-Driven Money; Money with a Purpose. We are planning to publish more detailed information shortly but in the meantime, as an aide-memoire, there is the slide deck presented to … Read more