This is the personal blog of Clive Menzies, which started as a means to record research and analysis of man-made global warming (aka. climate change) theory, followed by exploration of banking and economics particularly in the context of the subprime crisis.

From January 2012, this and much wider research into political economy continued within Critical Thinking at the Free University until October 2019 when Critical Thinking published the 7th and final iteration of its cumulative analysis that answers the question: who rules, how and why?

Critical Thinking’s methodology is documented and shared as a free, open source project, CoCreative Learning, for anyone to use and adapt as they wish.

Critical Thinking had reached a point of diminishing returns in its work and had become constrained by the limits of critical thinking.

Pending the emergence of a new co-creative learning group to explore beyond critical thinking, Clive will blog here occasionally as a means of recording and sharing information on his personal journey of discovery.

Clive may be contacted by email: clive [AT] clivemenzies.co.uk