The cosy cabal of politicians, businessmen and the media accrues greater power and wealth to the few to the detriment of the majority of individual human beings on the planet.  Structural incentives abound to abuse governance systems in government, the military, public services, banks, businesses and the media.  The scale of commercial enterprises is such that they wield uprecedented global power using systematic misinformation and distraction to achieve narrow selfish ends.  Concentration of economic and political power has sown the seeds of collapse of contemporary civilisations.  Past civilisations which collapsed made inappropriate repsonses to major challenges, largely as a result of steep hierachical structures.  In this context, outersite.org aims to raise awareness of how we are being to manipulated to accede to limits on our freedom and development.

The author, having been convinced of man’s culpability in relation to global warming, decided to investigate the current state of climate science in response to challenges to the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis.  Following several months of research it became apparent that the claims of the IPCC, Al Gore and most politicians were unfounded and that the theory is invalid.  In view of the potentially disastrous policies being implemented around the world, it is vital that citizens arm themselves with knowledge and demand that the man-made global warming gravy-train be derailed.