Shifts In Perception

Eddie sent me this video that prompted today’s article. Are Viruses Even A Scientific Theory? (video 19 minutes 19 seconds)by Sam BaileyShow notes 👉 The video restates the case against virology very clearly although the language and terminology may be challenging for some (including me). Stefan Lanka offered a similar challenge in respect of … Read more

Wisdom Comes From A Quiet Place

Live by love, take what we need, leave the rest An important conversation prompted this article in the context of people’s focus on the latest manifestations of fear porn and revelations of plunder and structural violence. While the internet has given us unlimited access to information and social media the means to share and learn … Read more

Protocols Of Power

I have referenced Mark Windows’ work in the past while observing that Mark has as good a grasp of the “bigger picture” as anyone I’ve come across. In this concise but very important series of videos he explains with brutal clarity the reality of the human condition today and the ideology that created it. The … Read more

Serial Killing

I often wonder what it will take to wake those still oblivious to the agenda of destruction that accelerated with the covid trojan. Perhaps it is the killing of the most vulnerable that will jerk people into consciousness. Naomi Wolf interviewed Edward Dowd in March this year to discuss analysis of all cause mortality. During … Read more

Bread And Circuses aka. Jubilee…

As the enchanted masses across the UK and possibly the “commonwealth” prepare to celebrate 70 years of the current titular head of the kakistocracy in the UK, it is important to remember what this institution represents. It is a conduit of power whose image, in the main, belies its sinister nature. Nevertheless, occasional glimpses through … Read more

We Are All Coolies

Danny has been supportive of and has contributed to the work of the Critical Thinking project and its successors for some years, not least in providing meeting space, events and screen printing facilities in 2015. When we crossed paths in Eddie’s print studio on Tuesday, I spotted he had a few “Cool!tude” T-shirts. Danny explained … Read more

Design Value

We are exploring money and perceptions of value through the medium of art at Invisible Universe. DesignPhillips recently held an auction of “designer” furniture and lighting. The printed item in the video above of three stools, taken from their webpage, had a price guide of $9,000 to $12,000. The sale price realised was £22,680. Double … Read more

Complex Organisation By Universal Consciousness

Co-creative learning amplifies our understanding, sometimes when we are shown information from friends and family who may not share our world view. This article is prompted by Jason recently sharing a couple of videos. The first deals with the infinite. Not in mathematical terms although, as far as we are concerned, the possibilities are so … Read more

Pesky Facts – We Are Harvested

This short video which arrived from “You Are Not in Debt!” Telegram channel clearly explains how we are harvested by specific example. It applies to everything that we are charged for because money displaced trust between humans. Amid the complexity of generations of statutes and precedents from case law, reality has become obscured. Pesky Facts … Read more

Rabbit Hole Illusions

My limited social media network has spawned a couple of conversations on whether “covid” is “real”. Covid is real in the sense that it is a trojan rather than a transmissible virus. The following is how I responded to one message relating to how much information on the fabricated nature of the so-called pandemic is … Read more

Co-Creative Dynamics

In co-creative research, analysis and development there is a power that is difficult to quantify or explain but many will have experienced this power when working collaboratively. Since ceasing to work on the Critical Thinking project, a few of us have been collaborating in other groups and between them, they’ve accelerated our comprehension and appreciation … Read more