Protocols Of Power

I have referenced Mark Windows’ work in the past while observing that Mark has as good a grasp of the “bigger picture” as anyone I’ve come across. In this concise but very important series of videos he explains with brutal clarity the reality of the human condition today and the ideology that created it. The … Read more

Serial Killing

I often wonder what it will take to wake those still oblivious to the agenda of destruction that accelerated with the covid trojan. Perhaps it is the killing of the most vulnerable that will jerk people into consciousness. Naomi Wolf interviewed Edward Dowd in March this year to discuss analysis of all cause mortality. During … Read more

Bread And Circuses aka. Jubilee…

As the enchanted masses across the UK and possibly the “commonwealth” prepare to celebrate 70 years of the current titular head of the kakistocracy in the UK, it is important to remember what this institution represents. It is a conduit of power whose image, in the main, belies its sinister nature. Nevertheless, occasional glimpses through … Read more