The Choice: Slavery or Freedom

To actively choose freedom means being visibly non-compliant, preferably without provoking further restrictions on our own individual freedoms; the boundaries to dissent are much weaker and further away than most people think. Conversely, “to go along, to get along” is voluntary slavery. Critical Thinking’s analysis deconstructed money power and its control over every other lever … Read more

2020 Year of Fear

20TH HOUR – 2020 YEAR OF FEAR – MOHSIN ABBAS – CLIVE MENZIES – AHLEBAIT TV – 27TH DEC 2020A discussion on the trajectory which led to 2020 and the unfolding of the COVID narrative and where we are likely to go from hereDownloaded from It is also available on BitChute

Is Gravity an Attraction of Mass?

There is little say by way of introduction to this article by critical thinker Abdun Nur, other than it reinforces much of what I’ve come to understand through Critical Thinking’s work and beyond. Is Gravity an Attraction of Mass? by Abdun Nur The glaring problem with gravity, as it’s presently claimed, an attraction of mass, … Read more

Morality, Money and The Great Reset

I was asked by Moeen Yaseen to present on the Great Reset at Global Vision 2000’s online event on 6th December 2020. The title of the event was: THE PLANDEMIC,  THE GLOBAL RESET, THE DAWN OF THE DAJALLIC NEW WORLD ORDER AND PREPARATION FOR SPIRITUAL WARFARE. I’ve spliced some images into my presentation and the links referred to … Read more

Another Day, Another Scam?

Through the Critical Thinking network and beyond, I’m the beneficiary of many interesting snippets of information which when considered within the wider context of Critical Thinking’s analysis, enrich and expand the narrative we co-created. I received a video via WhatsApp of a Brummie gentleman expressing outrage at the receipt of a £200 fine for some … Read more

COVID Vaccines Arrive in the UK

The MSM have proclaimed the arrival of the first batch of COVID vaccines with the BBC asking, Who will get the Pfizer vaccine first? Before scrabbling to get in the queue for the “jab”, perhaps the adage “look before you leap” should be applied. Crimes of Covid Vaccine Maker Pfizer DocumentedPfizer, a drug company which … Read more

Taxonomy of Money

Alex and I have been building on the work, started within Critical Thinking, on tokenisation and have published three papers this year. 2020 COVID19: Plunder and Population Reduction Internet Archive 2020 The End Of The Age Of Plunder Internet Archive 2020 Structures and Money In Transition Internet Archive Our discussions and exploration have extended into the realms of global banking, digital … Read more

The Abused Always Kick Downwards…

This personal anecdote is symptomatic of how the system of tyranny persists. Someone close to me works in health and education. This person contacted me last night in a distressed state asking for advice. I won’t go into all the background and detail because I neither want to prejudice their position, nor embarrass them. They’d … Read more

Furlough, Protest and Terror

Artist and critical thinker Eddie asks some pertinent questions about COVID and furlough. The Lure of Furlough also available on BitChute. “furlough is keeping us, to varying degrees, confused and contented for now…” My previous article linked to Mark Windows’ show on the infiltration and subversion of campaign groups and protests by security services and … Read more