The Dinosaur Hoax

To defeat religion’s God, Scientism needed there to be evidence of evolution, more than just words, and suddenly, in the late 1700’s, dinosaur fossils miraculously began appearing. Why would I be writing about this? Why is it important in the context of the madness, death and destruction all around us today? Sophie sent this series … Read more

Killing Is Not The Answer

I’ve been asked to participate in discussion of the atrocities in Gaza within the last few days. When participating is such discussions, I try to contextualise events and issues, to show that while at one level armed resistance is justified and understandable, conflict and killing will not save the Palestinians’ nor any others from abuse, … Read more

AI: the Challenge

Some years ago, before AI was commonplace as a term, I speculated: The co-creative learning methodology led us understand who rules, how and why? If “agnostic” AI were given free reign to explore who rules, how and why?, would it not arrive at the same conclusions? Michael Finesilver’s essay navigates this and associated questions comprehensively: … Read more

The Greater Prize

I and many others have, for years, been trying to warn people of the unfolding collapse of the global financial system and the potential for tyranny. This is no “conspiracy theory”. The signs are becoming more visible, even in the mainstream. The plan is advertised in source documents: planning papers and legislation. Legal Framework Set … Read more

Navigating the Transition

Vijay kindly reposted Gulag Academia on Twitter/X; I came across a “like” in my notifications while pondering how to frame this article. As explained in previous articles, we are in the midst of a paradigm shift of millennial proportions. I’ve been drawn into conversations with many who take their cue from mainstream narratives and find … Read more

Tell It Like It Is

Peter of TGL Hubs sent this with the intro: “Some down-to-earth wisdom from a fellow grandad, Ian Carter, on health and engineered sickness (there is much more on his Narrow Gate channel)” Bad Actors, Nicotene, Censorship & Amino Acids (video 35 minutes 34 seconds) Those who’ve been on this journey of discovery well know the … Read more

A Philosophical Perspective on the Rise of Fact-Checking

Eddie sent this through today; it is well worth a read. For a growing number, the article’s assertion is irrefutable – we are lied to continuously. By the time reality reasserts itself and even possibly acknowledged in the media that formerly ridiculed or attacked those pointing to information that revealed the truth, the spectacle has … Read more


This is where we are… the transition KINGDOM – Animated Short Film (video 13 minutes 55 seconds)Can art reveal, transform, and inspire? What does it take to redeem a culture left in ruins?KINGDOM is an audio-visual experience that serves as a template for empowerment. It models the path of awakening in the face of adversity, … Read more

Voices at the Threshold

The Outersite article, Consciousness, Polarity and Resonance, published in November 2020, refers to Michael Finesilver’s book, The Threshold Perspective. When we understand consciousness, polarity and resonance, it becomes clear how close we are to a real paradigm shift… In June 2023, Michael sent me his latest book, Voices at the Threshold which is available to … Read more