Killing Is Not The Answer

I’ve been asked to participate in discussion of the atrocities in Gaza within the last few days. When participating is such discussions, I try to contextualise events and issues, to show that while at one level armed resistance is justified and understandable, conflict and killing will not save the Palestinians’ nor any others from abuse, … Read more

Navigating the Transition

Vijay kindly reposted Gulag Academia on Twitter/X; I came across a “like” in my notifications while pondering how to frame this article. As explained in previous articles, we are in the midst of a paradigm shift of millennial proportions. I’ve been drawn into conversations with many who take their cue from mainstream narratives and find … Read more

A Philosophical Perspective on the Rise of Fact-Checking

Eddie sent this through today; it is well worth a read. For a growing number, the article’s assertion is irrefutable – we are lied to continuously. By the time reality reasserts itself and even possibly acknowledged in the media that formerly ridiculed or attacked those pointing to information that revealed the truth, the spectacle has … Read more


This is where we are… the transition KINGDOM – Animated Short Film (video 13 minutes 55 seconds)Can art reveal, transform, and inspire? What does it take to redeem a culture left in ruins?KINGDOM is an audio-visual experience that serves as a template for empowerment. It models the path of awakening in the face of adversity, … Read more

The Wrong Stories

Our overriding problem when discussing anything with most people, particularly within mainstream media, is that their psyches are informed by the wrong stories. This first video is my attempt to tell the real story behind the creation and expansion of Israel on Press TV’s Spotlight programme. I was asked why Israeli soldiers are willing to … Read more

A Very Important Conversation

Eddie sent the following video: when technology is upstream of culture‚Ķ..James Corbett, Richard Grove (video 58 minutes 44 seconds)edit of Grand Theft World Podcast 055 | Take the Rhodes Pill November 21st, 2021 This threeway conversation between James Corbett, Richard Grove and Tony Myers struck me as very important on so many levels that I … Read more


Iain Davis (In This Together) has just published his expos√© of the machinations to create the illusion of a pandemic. Here’s what I wrote to Iain having absorbed most of what the book contains. As I remarked on Twitter, having listened to your chat with James Corbett, the book promised to be a fascinating read … Read more