Co-Creative Dynamics

In co-creative research, analysis and development there is a power that is difficult to quantify or explain but many will have experienced this power when working collaboratively. Since ceasing to work on the Critical Thinking project, a few of us have been collaborating in other groups and between them, they’ve accelerated our comprehension and appreciation … Read more

Be Open and Generous

A couple of days ago, I wrote about husbanding energy and resources, primarily by denying the structure access to them by not paying Council Tax, debt etc. and not engaging with the structure’s false narratives. We also need to co-create ways of living without focusing on or holding onto money. Giving to others what they … Read more

Why I Am Here – Part 4 Study

The Invisible Universe project is concerned with polymathic exploration, as was Critical Thinking. What does that mean? In practice it means following “breadcrumbs” of information that appear, sometimes unexpectedly, to expand our horizons and understanding. These “breadcrumbs” often have little relationship to preoccupations at the time but somehow take us forward in unexpected ways into … Read more

Why I Am Here – Part 3 Set To Work

In the Introduction, I described the Work as: to be one Beacon among many, vibrating with energy waves of expanding and resonating frequency, to help us navigate the tempestuous seas of human consciousness where many are dashed upon the rocks of reality. Critical Thinking and the projects with which I’m now involved are very much … Read more

Why I Am Here – Introduction

In recent weeks, after a few years of trying to find people to engage with locally, I’ve stumbled upon a burgeoning network of truth seekers in North London. This network comprises a fast growing number of people and groups working to co-create resilient alternatives to the institutional hierarchy under which we live. They are the … Read more


Critical Thinking’s and subsequent analysis reveals that perceptions and structure lie at the root of the human tragedy. Both perceptions and structure are governed by the methodology of money. Consequently, so is everything else which is why all of our institutions, local, national and global serve money rather than human needs. Compartmentalisation is key to … Read more

Human Money

My previous article focused on the notion of Divine money and money’s alignment or otherwise with Universal or God’s law. However, many have attempted to sever themselves from this essential spiritual connection and consequently dismiss its relevance to them and the world around them. Today’s article is about the human context of money and its … Read more

The End of the Age of Plunder

An Age of Possibilities Arises AbstractThe internet, distributed ledger technology and tokenisation are creating new modes of economicbehaviour and participation that threaten the centralised paradigm of fiat money and “trusted thirdparties”. These developments open possibilities for financial inclusion and economic participation foreveryone on the planet. These new opportunities will be adopted and developed by those … Read more