Why I Am Here – Part 3 Set To Work

In the Introduction, I described the Work as: to be one Beacon among many, vibrating with energy waves of expanding and resonating frequency, to help us navigate the tempestuous seas of human consciousness where many are dashed upon the rocks of reality.

Critical Thinking and the projects with which I’m now involved are very much the work of others. It is not false modesty when I suggest that my role is more as a communicator rather than an originator of knowledge or ideas.

I’m blessed with a growing number of valuable relationships with some extraordinary (although seemingly ordinary) people who assert no “authority” over others but generously share their time and resources to further the Work.

The means of communicating the information and ideas is multifaceted and multilevel. This website is one of a number through which these are communicated. In addition, there are email and social media channels (see below), as well as sharing the research and analysis at physical meetings and via video channels. These all form part of the methodology. As my friend and collaborator, Alex, often reminds me, “this is the way” (from the Mandalorian).

We are sowing seeds that others continue to nurture and propagate without the source necessarily being identified. As we often remind ourselves:

  • Update – See the Introduction for qualification of the word “credit”

Hence the aversion to involving money in our work. We need to make the Work sustainable but we’ve yet to establish firm foundations on which to do so. Knowledge must be freely accessible to anyone.

Co-Creative Research, Analysis and Development

We encourage others to take possession of the information and ideas. To adapt them, improve them and develop them as they see fit. The power of self-organisation is evident in the mobile phones that people rely on today for so much. This technology is the product of the exact same process, co-creative development.

The visible product of our co-creative work so far are the snapshots or iterations of our analysis, this being the 9th such iteration, and the other projects that the Work has spawned. How many and how far they have spread, we have no way of knowing or quantifying. Evidence that it is happening arises from the perceptible shift in discourse and consciousness over the years that we’ve been doing this Work.

We are also involved in tangible action to co-create alternatives to what the current structure provides through local and other groups that are the embodiment of resistance to what is being unrolled globally. The global agenda takes multiple forms and identities but it is the attempt by centralised power to exert its will. Our analysis reveals the structure and its trajectory, why it will fail to sustain itself and how we humans can (sustain ourselves).


The mechanics of the human reality today is described in this paper, published in the Islamics Economics Journal of King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2017.

It identifies three foundational flaws in the way society is organised:

  • Institutional Hierarchy
  • Misallocation of the Commons
  • Money – the paper identifies usury (interest on money) as the problem but subsequent work reveals that our very concept of money itself is problematical)

Money Methodology

We see the key to making the Work (and ourselves) sustainable as money methodology. Current money is premised on past rather than present and future thinking. This is very much the focus of the work in progress particularly in our work with the Digital Currency Global Initiative, Invisible Universe and MacroRisk Connect.

Living organisms have both Needs and Capacities to survive and thrive. For millennia human Needs and Capacities were mediated and organised within the family, group or community environment without resorting to Exchange. It was the invention of money that has led us to the way society is organised today and it threatens our survival as a species.

Fortunately for us, we now have the tools and understanding to overcome the limitations and distortions of exchange money which has created conflict and dysfunction. This is the focus of the work and is explained/discussed in the following:

Digital Currency Global Initiative DCGI-AIRU-I-088 Money Methodology for sustainability and inclusion

Value, Need and Capacity – Invisible Universe

Tokens – MacroRisk Connect

In summary, what we’re exploring and developing is the means to capture, store and transfer in space and time, the unique Value of Needs, Capacities and Links between entities that comprise human activity which needs to be counted.

In the paper submitted to the DCGI, we refer to “complex money methodology” which implies that it is difficult. However, what we’re really talking about is data that humans have been using for millennia to mediate their Needs, Capacities and relationships. What technology provides is the capability to scale this beyond families and small groups, i.e. locally, nationally, regionally and globally. The interfaces can be simple to operate; it is the richness of data that is complex and we have ample capability in this regard.

Tarot Guidance

In Part 1, Preparation, the relevance of the first five cards of the major arcana was revealed. In Part 2, Application involves paying regard to the attributes and qualities of cards VII to XI. Set To Work is Application in action and is guided by cards XII to XVI.

XIIII la Tempérance (Temperance) is to bring balance or moderation to our work, i.e. not to be obsessive or extreme in any particular direction. It is the active embodiment of VIII la Justice, balance.

XIII, the unnamed Death card and XVI la Maison Dieu (the Tower) are in some respects similar. Life depends on death. For example, plants wither and die to provide nutrients for new growth. Similarly, structures collapse to be replaced, often or hopefully by something better. Death is accepted as a necessary condition of life and institutional structures must necessarily die to give room to new ideas and structures.

Similarly, X11 le Pendu (the hanging Man) is not in distress but is letting go of material possessions, beliefs and other encumbrances that limit growth. We need to let go of those things that hold back our development.

XV Le Diable (the Devil) is misunderstood by those who have little knowledge of the Tarot; they see this card as something frightening. However, my understanding is that this card signifies the reality of life. That no matter how hard we may try, we cannot avoid choices that have bad outcomes irrespective of what we decide. I guess one can talk about “the lesser of two evils”. Tattooed on his/her arms are Solve and Coagula, resolve and unite. We need to be able reconcile competing imperatives or choices that will badly affect someone. As related in Part 1, Preparation, we must be guided by love not selfishness in order to make the right decisions.


Relevant project websites are listed in the Introduction

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