Why I Am Here – Part 2 Application

To start, continue and accomplish the Work requires constant attention to both Preparation and how we apply ourselves to tasks in hand.

I’ve described the purpose of the Work thus: to bring about a shift in human consciousness, such that popular perceptions align with reality. Once perceptions are aligned with our human reality, the human reality will change.

Under universal law, there are prerequisites that help guide us effectively through life, particularly when we are faced with difficult choices and decisions.

Over centuries, these prerequisites have been explained to us via mythology, stories and religious teachings but in essence, as for Preparation these prerequisites are encompassed in the major arcana of the Tarot.

Cards VII to XI are concerned, in this arrangement, with Application.

VIIII l’Ermite (the Hermit) is seeking universal consciousness. It is a lonely task in many respects because no-one else can make our choices or decisions for us. That doesn’t mean that we can’t be helped or guided by others but the “buck stops with us”.

No-one else can be responsible for our actions and certainly not those in “authority”. “Following orders” is never a justifiable reason for doing harm unto others.

We know that many “order belief” followers do what they do to survive, not realising the damage they inflict on themselves let alone others. Which is why the Work is paramount; to bring about a change in human reality so that no-one has to inflict harm to others to survive. Why “order belief”? Because it is the belief in claimed “authority”, irrespective of natural law or morality, that persuades people to comply with harmful orders.

X la lione de Fortune (the wheel of Fortune) encourages us to live life to the full irrespective of perceived risks but of course we must balance our choices and actions to ensure that we are thinking and behaving justly. This balancing in life is represented by VIII la Justice (the Judge). We must play the game of life to progress and attain victory, represented by VII le Chariot (the Chariot). To attain victory requires the passion of XI la Force (the Force). Note that, like I le Bateleur (the Magician), XI la Force wears a hat signifying Infinity.

These concepts aren’t difficult or complicated to comprehend but living them in a political economy that is diametrically opposed to these principles is a huge challenge. However, as more of us strive to live by these ideals, the quicker the structure will adapt to our needs.

In the following parts, I will explain why we need to accept our fallibility. Always remember we are le Fou (the Fool), incapable of understanding or achieving everything. Nonetheless, if we adhere to these fundamental principles, the universe and others will respond in kind, with positive energy and support.

So we shouldn’t beat ourselves up for failing to meet these ideals but continue to play the game of life, taking the rough with the smooth 🙂


We are seduced by ideology into misunderstanding both our true nature and our reality.

The Perverts Guide to Ideology (video 2 hours 10 minutes 29 seconds)

Ideology causes many to assume an ideological “identity” to claim “I am Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Capitalist, Socialist, Nationalist, Globalist etc…”

Claiming such an identity is an act of violence because it separates us from the “other”.

To succeed in this Work we need to be open, particularly to other people’s perspectives.

to be continued in Part 3 Set To Work.