Why I Am Here – Part 1 Preparation

In the introduction yesterday, I referred to Preparation. What am I preparing for?

I’ve been preparing for or journeying to do the Work in which I am now engaged throughout my life but I’ve only been consciously making this journey within the last decade. And only within the last two or three years have I come to realise that I was destined for this Work. It is why I am here!

The preparation started long ago, when I consciously stepped out of the mainstream to challenge prior, fundamental assumptions. Exploration of the events and consequences of 11 September 2001 fuelled my outrage and curiosity. These were turbocharged by the global financial crisis of 2008. By the time of “Climategate” (the revelations in 2009 of scientific fraud at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit to promote the man-made global warming myth and the green agenda) my distrust of “authority” and its narratives was complete.

However, as a result of making a fruitless submission to the parliamentary inquiry into Climategate in 2010, it became apparent (at the time) that the forces sustaining the global warming and other narratives overwhelmed all attempts to expose them as false. I contemplated and even started writing a book in the hope that one day, the information may prove useful.

A little over a year later Occupy Wall Street happened and Occupy London followed at St Paul’s Cathedral on 15 October 2011. I was drawn into dialogue and activity by the idea that, yes, maybe we could really change the world. Nevertheless, Occupy too was burdened with some of the shortcomings of what it was allegedly protesting; information that exposed the “climate crisis” myth, for example, wasn’t welcome within Occupy itself. Tramlines of acceptable thought and discussion were very much part of the Occupy “process”.

Critical Thinking started in January 2012 as part of the Free University which grew out of Tent City University at St Paul’s. Critical Thinking’s methodology and analysis evolved and spread well beyond the group that met in London for 40 plus weeks a year for two hours of discussion each week for 8 years. No taboos were permitted at Critical Thinking and everything we thought we knew was explored and, where necessary, challenged.

Our narratives challenged mainstream world views and the co-creative learning community expanded slowly around the world. In 2017, we were invited by the editor of the Islamic Economics Journal of King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to submit our observations in response to a paper by Bernard Lietaer on monetary reform. Our published paper encapsulated our research and analysis of the global political economy at that time.

Critical Thinking’s analysis and methodology are the foundations from which the Work emanates and are integral to it. Both are important in preparation but what is paramount is the focus on preparation of the Self.

In the introduction, I referred to the significance of the first five cards in the major arcana of the Tarot in Preparation.

I le Bateleur (the Magician) is what we aspire to become but what we must never claim to be; for that will surely turn us into le Fou (the Fool)

If the Magician is what we aspire to become, we need to manifest the qualities and attributes of the four following “characters”. The physical realm has a masculine (logical, deductive) aspect as well as a feminine (intuitive, inductive) quality. In the physical realm, the former is represented by IIII l’Empereur and the latter by III l’ImpĂ©ratrice. The spiritual realm too has a masculine and feminine quality, the former being represented by V le Pape and the latter by II la Papesse.

I have operated for most of my life in the physical realm using masculine, deductive logic. Since beginning to learn to read the Tarot, I know that I need to place a lot more emphasis on both the feminine (intuitive) and the spiritual. It is not only the balance of my understanding that needs work. Universal consciousness is paramount and drives everything in the physical world, thus arguably the spiritual realm takes precedence, as does the feminine.

We need to live with II, III, IIII and V in balance in order to become the synthesis of all four, I le Bateleur, the Magician.

The Work

In the introduction, I described the work thus: to be one Beacon among many, vibrating with energy waves of expanding and resonating frequency, to help us navigate the tempestuous seas of human consciousness where many are dashed upon the rocks of reality. The purpose of the work is to bring about a shift in human consciousness, such that popular perceptions align with reality.

The shift is already underway and the frequencies of truth resonate more powerfully as each day passes and human consciousness coalesces into a shared understanding of reality. As more people begin to live according to this shared understanding, its power and attraction will become irresistible. In time, a tipping point will occur resulting in a total eclipse of the current structure which will become impotent and irrelevant. We don’t need to fight anyone; the structure and its hierarchies will collapse without our energy to sustain them.

Infinite Possibilities

We cannot possibly live life to the full within the current structure because it demands so much of our time and energy merely to survive. Imagine a world in which the means to life is a given, a no-brainer; yes, such a world involves work but so much less and more rewarding than within the current paradigm.

We need to prepare ourselves to live by universal law which means to live by love. We have to live for the benefit of others, if we are to live for ourselves.

Bad things will always happen and we will continue to face difficult choices with detrimental consequences whatever choices we make. We must seek to balance competing imperatives and outcomes according to universal law governed by love… then we’ll be alright 🙂

“Solve and Unite”

Finally, on Preparation, the Tarot involves symbolism, numerology and imagery. Note the Magician’s hat. It is the sign of infinity.

… to be continued in Part 2.