Why I Am Here – Introduction

In recent weeks, after a few years of trying to find people to engage with locally, I’ve stumbled upon a burgeoning network of truth seekers in North London. This network comprises a fast growing number of people and groups working to co-create resilient alternatives to the institutional hierarchy under which we live. They are the embodiment of resistance to corrupt “authority” in all its guises.

A recent conversation with one of the local groups prompted someone to ask if I could do a talk on the meaning of life, i.e. why are we here? I quickly responded that it is a topic “way above my pay grade”.

While there is immutable, universal truth that determines our existence, how that truth is expressed or interpreted is very personal. This series of articles is my answer to the question “Why Am I Here?” in the context of what I’ve learned so far….

It is getting on for two and half years since Critical Thinking published its 7th and final analysis. Since when much has happened, not least the pseudopandemic and the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine which started with the US led regime change operation that succeeded in 2014.

We’ve published papers in the intervening period specifically on the coronavirus trojan, the global structure of the political economy and money. Collectively, these papers could be regarded as forming an interim (8th) iteration of the accumulated research and analysis of our reality.

8th iteration – cumulative papers


Since ceasing work on Critical Thinking I’ve continued the Work via other projects.

I continue to participate in co-creative research, analysis and development, locally, nationally and globally. Specifically on money, we’re working on promoting the idea of bridges to take us from the current competitive, destructive and abusive paradigm to the unfolding possibilities for global sustainability and inclusion in their true sense. The recent paper on Money Methodology for sustainability and inclusion is one example of this work.

9th iteration – a personal perspective

This is the 9th iteration or snapshot of the analysis to date. It is not a definitive explanation of the meaning of life but more a personal perspective on where the Work has led me. It is my answer to the question: Why Am I Here?

From Fool to Magician

As soon as we come to regard ourselves as the Magician (I le Bateleur), we become the Fool (0 or XXII le Fou).

The 22 major arcana of the Tarot is a book of infinite possibilities that teaches us how we should live. In this series of articles, I will make frequent reference to the “characters” of the major arcana. However, the Tarot is but one route to esoteric knowledge and, like the meaning of life, is subject to personal interpretation. That said, I drew frequently on Oswald Wirth’s Tarot of the Magicians when beginning my exploration of the Tarot.

If we accept that we are the Fool and irrespective of how far we progress on our journey of discovery remain foolish in so many respects, i.e. we always have more to learn and need to continuously challenge our world views in the light of new information, we are on the path to becoming the Magician.

The problem for us all is that the current structure of the global political economy empowers and rewards those who claim to be Magicians – they remain Fools trapped within their distorted world views. Meanwhile, those aspiring to be Magicians are marginalised, demonised and often killed.

Thus we are led by Fools.

Not only are we led by fools but the structure that promotes and rewards them is driving men, women, boys and girls to extinction. However, we also learn from our discoveries that the plans of fools cannot and will not succeed, albeit that they wreak havoc in their attempted implementation.

A world of infinite possibilities awaits us and that is the Work. To explore and test those possibilities. That necessarily involves working with others but starts with the SELF.

The Tarot’s 22 major arcana can be arranged in multiple ways to reveal their secrets.

Cards I to V are concerned with Preparation which will be described more fully through following articles (Parts 1 to 4), as will the relevance of cards VII to XI to Application. When we Set To Work, we are guided by the attributes ascribed to cards XII to XVI. The cycle is completed when we Study in accordance with cards XVIII to XXII. This is the foundation on which we build our new reality. It is a continuous process which can also be described as Adapt, Do and Reflect (the latter being study and preparation).

Part 1 will describe the Work that has led me to be where I am, doing the work that I do. In short, I aspire to be one Beacon among many, vibrating with energy waves of expanding and resonating frequency, to help us navigate the tempestuous seas of human consciousness where many are dashed upon the rocks of reality. It is a process of discovery rather than invention. There is always more to learn but…

*Update – this image above was used as the Critical Thinking motto from 8 or 9 years ago and hitherto hasn’t been challenged… until now. It prompted Anita (from a local Telegram group) to respond:

I am amazed that the word “credit ” is used in this way in the fundamental premise of money. “Nothing is impossible if you don’t mind who gets the credit.” ? Wot? I think this phrase is about softening up our minds for financial take-over. Nothing is impossible if you don’t mind who gets your money. A bully’s mantra. Almost like it is a spell to wave over out cash wallets, such a coincidence. Perhaps the word is, as you suggested, glory, and or recognition. But defo not “credit” for me. I really mind who gets my credit £££$$$. I don’t mind who gets the glory for my ideas. Would be nice if it were me, but my friends would know. Because I would tell them. You can tell them this was your idea. 😉

Given the ambiguity and connotations of the word “credit”, Anita makes a powerful point. As suggested in Part 3 Set To Work, like XII le Pendu (the hanging Man), we need to “let go” of encumbrances that impede progress (in this case, clarity).

I’ve pondered this for a while and although the following is not definitive, it perhaps conveys what was intended:

Everything is Possible If We Do Not Count the Cost – I’d welcome improvements/suggestions.

I am one of a fast growing cohort of vibrating beacons who aren’t merely communicating our perceptions of reality but are co-creating ways to live in accordance with universal truth and in harmony within and beyond our expanding network of soul mates.

… to be continued.