Why Do Doctors Lie?

Many doctors lie through conviction.

Doctors have been trained by the industry which profits from vaccinations and other toxic chemicals that cause illness.

This interview with a non-clinician in a large general medical practice reveals the extent to which doctors and others lie to cover up their dirty secret: doctors are deliberately harming patients and their staff.

The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast

James talks to the receptionist of a large NHS medical practice. She tells him the true shocking story about adverse reactions to the ‘jab’.
Please note – Nina’s name has been changed and her voice has been altered to protect her identity

Why would doctors commit such heinous crimes? Wilful ignorance, fear and money.

In our paper published in July 2020, Covid-19-Plunder and Population Reduction, we explain the origins of this agenda to cull and control the human cattle. It is driven by structure. While the components are disparate and complex, the incentives and penalties of the political economy, created by current money, ensure widespread compliance.

Doctors and other “healthcare” (sickness and disabilities industry) professionals have been trained to be ignorant of What Really Makes You Ill?

In the Soviet Union, they used a system of penal labour camps to “correct” the thinking of those who challenged authority. In today’s NHS Gulag, there are few dissidents because they’ve been trained into ignorance. If you challenge the quackery and scientific fraud that has become medical orthodoxy, you aren’t going to qualify as a doctor. If you’ve already qualified, you’ll be struck off and become a social pariah – that’s where the fear comes in.

Furthermore, think about how doctors have been financially incentivised to dispense toxic medicines and recommend dubious procedures. Doctors are financially disadvantaged if they make and keep people healthy. As Nina says, doctors receive something like £15 a pop for the jab. In a surgery with 20,000 “patients” on their books, that is potentially a £300,000 “bonus”. The mythical pandemic gives them every excuse and means to ignore patients’ real needs. Meanwhile, these “angels of death” are applauded as heroes – another myth they and most of their hapless victims have bought into.

Thus doctors lie about the harms caused by the experimental drugs that they are persuading patients and staff to accept without full disclosure.

As we said in the COVID-19 paper, this plandemic has been long in gestation and has many strands which come together to ensure “no-one is left behind”.

The reward structure for doctors changed radically under the Blair government’s reforms of commissioning “healthcare”, effectively ensuring doctors profited much more from sickness and disability than health. Doctors’ income has risen dramatically under these reforms, not to mention all the perks and bribes from pharmaceutical and other organisations that profit from sickness and disability.

Money is the driver of this cull agenda.

Only by changing the way we think about money can doctors benefit from telling the truth. Within an economic system driven by use value, doctors will be highly motivated to cure people and keep them healthy.

Currently, doctors, nurses and many others in the sickness and disability industry are penalised for telling the truth. That will persist, as long as we are hostages to the current global money system.