“Why are they working, and why are we not?”

Van Morrison bravely asks this question in his song, As I Walked Out, posted in an article on Monday 16th March 2021.

One simple but all encompassing answer to this question is The Great Reset. The origins and intent of the great reset are articulated by archetypal Bond villain, Klaus Schwab, founder and president of the World Economic Forum (WEF). There are many sources in recent articles that reveal the pre-planned nature of the chaos, destruction and death that unfolded from the autumn of 2019.

Where Are We Now?

The opening gambit for Klaus Schwab’s great reset occurred on 18th October 2019, Event 201, the rehearsal for the COVID19 scamdemic.

The plans, detailed on the World Economic Forum and referenced in the COVID19 link above, explain “Why are they working, and why are we not?” In essence, all the levers of power, acting in response to the dictates of money, are operating to impoverish and enslave the global population.

Money is the fundamental, structural root of the global political economy that controls every lever of power.

But centralised money and control is under threat from decentralising forces both inside and outside the institutions of money. The Great Reset is facing powerful forces over which its grip is failing. All of the plans for this reset rely on money as the medium of control; if people, as a few already are, start using money systems beyond the structure’s control, this supreme power evaporates.

Furthermore, there are too many disparate “targets” (different implementations of digital currencies) for the structure to resist the momentum towards alternative distributed money systems.

The best they can hope to do is to try to colonise these distributed money initiatives somehow but that is not possible; they may be able to manipulate and control a few but they won’t be able to halt the inevitable.

The more likely outcome is that digital currency developments will render former ideas about money and current money itself, obsolete.

The economic backdrop to this is that current money systems are in the early stages of collapse while global economic activity has been sabotaged. Meanwhile, the plans to replace existing, soon to be valueless, currencies with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are nowhere near ready. Besides which, CBDCs are being designed to work exactly the same as current money, i.e. through exchange; CBDCs too will be obsolete unless central banks abandon their intent for absolute control.

The plot is unravelling fast both in terms of the ambitions for control and the manipulation of perception that has, thus far, ensured the Machiavellian plans remain hidden to most.

Increasingly, they are harder to ignore as the effects of the Great Reset inconvenience and harm more and more people. One only has to think of the Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTNs) schemes and bicycle lanes around London and beyond to realise that people aren’t going to put up with this nonsense for much longer.

The Future is Here

While those resisting unaccountable power (government, local authorities, NGOs and mega-corporations working in tandem) are focusing on what’s immediately in front of them (LTNs, bicycle lanes, unwanted housing and commercial development in their locality, for example), the concerted nature of what’s being done is becoming obvious to a growing number of people.

Soon, these people will realise there is a common factor that is driving these initiatives, money. Growing numbers are awakening to the abusive and destructive effects of money in its current forms.

The Future of Money and subsequent articles on money explain the mechanics of money and how technology available and in use today can be repurposed to provide unfettered access to the means to satisfy both our Need(s) and our will to Create. We describe how ENabling Tokens and endogenous ledgers can liberate everyone to be working, as they choose, without unaccountable power being able to stop them.

We can Reset the Reset

The Reset (of money) described in The Future of Money will reveal and undo the damage done by money hitherto by distributing power in such a way as to ensure only Human Activity that gives rise to Use Value (to individuals, families, groups and the wider world) will be encouraged.

Abusive and destructive projects and policies that we see all around as today cannot occur in the new money environment, if people don’t want them.

Endogenous tokenisation operates on Use Value; thus, there is no lever of exchange value with which to distort human values and behaviour, to thereby acquire the necessary foothold to exert power.

What Have We To Lose?

Other than the burdens we bear today, nothing. We are shackled and chained by current money. Endogenous tokenisation can liberate us to take care of ourselves and each other.


Many have untapped capacity to create that remains unfulfilled because of lack of access to money.

In The Future of Money, we explain that Human (economic) Activity necessarily entails one or more individuals having the Capacity to Create in order to satisfy each others’ Needs and the Needs of those unable (children, the elderly or infirm) to Create (in the economic sense) but whose Need is essential to the Use Value of Human Activity.

Many of us have both Needs and the Capacity to Create. No-one is excluded from participation in, nor being rewarded for, the Use Value they Create, with endogenous tokens.

Endogenous tokens are the golden bridge to a new reality, not just for those with the Capacity to Create but essentially for those with Needs.

Everyone can share in the rewards to be derived from the creation of Use Value for all.

The Value that we Create to satisfy Needs will recorded in distributed ledgers within networks that are beginning to emerge.

In essence, we can have the Capacity co-create a world of miraculous abundance by using knowledge and technology available today to nurture humans rather than harm them (ourselves).

Reset the Reset

Reset the Reset is not a protest but the beginning of a process.

The Spring Equinox heralds our emergence from the Dark into the Light. 20th March 2021 also coincides with the anniversary of the declaration by the UK government that COVID19 is not a high consequence infectious disease and its subsequent “lockdown” policies, referred to by Van Morrison:

But on the government website from the 21st March 2020
It said COVID-19 was no longer high risk
Then two days later Boris put us under lockdown
Why are we not being told the truth?

What does this Reset the Reset process entail? What should we do? Learn and share what we learn. Open our eyes to the possibilities of ENabling Tokens and share with others what we discover.

We don’t have to congregate en masse and risk the draconian responses of money power and its lackeys. Wherever you are, talk to people. Introduce them to the ideas we’ve described.

The choices are:

  • to passively accept as inevitable The Great Reset
  • to attempt to protest and demand justice (doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome)
  • to embark upon guerrilla resistance by creating new money systems, bottom up, to render current forms money valueless while creating value for all

The time has come for the true money reset, a reset of money that benefits everyone rather than those who control money or who have more money than they need.