Whose New World Order?

Yesterday’s post explained how the world has been at war since September 2001. The first casualties were truth and the people who died in the Twin Towers, demolished on that day, along with WTC7.

Structures and Money in Transition describes how the phases of World War Three have unfolded and points to the COVID-19 PSYOP as the fourth phase which was planned long ago and rehearsed on 18th October 2019.

If confirmation were needed, that COVID-19 (aka. Certificate of Vaccination ID) is a strategic weapon, listen to Celeste Solum who takes us through the World Economic Forum’s Strategic Intelligence website:

The plan for global government and enslavement laid out in plain sight for all to see… or at least those with the courage to look. By advertising the intent, the victims are made responsible for their own fate.

This sophisticated, complex, global project and supporting website will have taken months or even years to conceptualise, develop and implement. We know the pandemic strategy is “envisioned” in a document published by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010 (see Lock Step, page 18) and was rehearsed on 18th October 2019.

If the WEF (World Economic Forum) plan is a genuine, spontaneous reaction to COVID-19, how did they manage to have the global, integrated response, two hundred layers deep, in copious, granular detail, by March this year when the “virus” had only just hit?

The COVID-19 global action plan is a blueprint for one world government and the new world order.

I and many others have shared copious information on why coronavirus is not an existential threat and why laws and regulations to “combat” the virus are pointless, ineffective and disproportionate even if people were dying from infection or contagion – accumulated evidence suggests that whatever casualties die of, they didn’t catch it from other people. Andrew Mather uses government statistics to debunk the UK governments’ lies.

Covid 19 – Chart Update – 15 June Datapoint
Our last regular chart update. The story is over, all the evidence is available, but the mainstream media just doesn’t want to know. Half the world, half a world away, experiences a mild issue (but Australia and New Zealand apparently still milking it for the agenda), while the top three centres, hit hundreds of times worse are the US (NY), Belgium (EU HQ) and the HQ… and no one notices.

Andrew refers to the UK government as the author of this policy but, as already pointed out, this is a pre-planned, global strategy and governments aren’t in control. This is a world government plan and money power is calling the shots.

If centralised money instigated the coronavirus “pandemic” and WW3, then surely, decentralised money is the logical response. In other words, by decentralising money, we can co-create our own new world order which benefits everyone rather than only those who control money and, consequently, the levers of power.

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