Who Wants to Know?

The art of critical thinking can be expressed in the form of principles but it comes down to being innately curious about the world, the universe and our place within it. In many, this curiosity is suppressed through training, distraction and inertia. Two curious people, who’ve been on their own journeys of discovery, discuss where we are currently.

Lockdown Terror Tyrants UK
Mark Windows talks to Frances Leader about COVID, protest and technocracy.

Frances refers to her series of articles on COVID, the latest of which is here:

The WHO was using human Chromosome 8 as their test database “primer” sequence to detect Covaids, which was looking for the 18 in a row nucleotide sequence ctccctttgt tgtgttgt, which is found on the 8th out of the 23 pairs of chromosomal trees on all humans.

Understanding of what is unfolding is growing but many remain fearful of the fiction that has been unleashed on the human herd. Some will clamour for the inadequately tested COVID vaccines, ignorant of their real purpose but there is a growing “awkward squad” whose power is resonating and causing the wave of awareness to wash over more people daily. As in the story of the 100th monkey, it won’t take too many more to awaken before human consciousness shifts to discard this fiction.

The attempted, current, draconian limits on our freedoms in the UK, for example, are acts of desperation by those that currently rule because the wheels on the wagon of tyranny are wobbling badly and they know that the infrastructure for total control is not yet complete.

2021 is likely the year in which our future is decided… slavery or freedom?