Who Rules, How and Why?

The Critical Thinking project that started in 2012, set out to answer this question and arrived at answers within the first five years of its work.

Hierarchy and Political Economy – Birkbeck Presentation 2016 (video 51 minutes 28 seconds)
Presentation of Critical Thinking’s analysis, pointing to three fundamental flaws in the global political economy.
The analysis was also published in the Islamic Economics Journal of King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah in 2017.

Eddie shared the following Grand Theft World podcast that refers to a Joe Rogan conversation corroborating the “who” in terms of some of the individuals and corporations. The first part focuses on the power wielded by Blackrock and Vanguard. Alex and I refer to these in our latest paper, The Money Paradox.

BlackRock And Vanguard | Owning The World (video 37 minutes 8 seconds)
In this video, Richard and Tony conduct a thorough analysis of a LA Times article on George Soros. Richard shares his insights on patterns of influence peddling using his History Blueprint.
For the full episode replay, download, and show notes, visit:

Critical Thinking’s analysis points to institutional hierarchy, theft of the commons and usury as the three fundamental flaws that need to be addressed/removed. Since then, our work on money reveals that money itself is the conduit of power. Without money, institutional hierarchy and theft of the commons couldn’t persist.

My email response to Eddie after watching the Grand Theft World podcast above was as follows:

We came to the same proposition a long time ago… “who rules, why and how?” i.e. controls the levers of power.
We have put out quite a lot on this but it’s great to have the richness of detail in corroboration.
ESG is essentially the ideology of destruction (and control) writ large.
Unless I missed it, although they identify the banking system and BIS, they don’t name the Rothschilds who control the banking system and Israel… and consequently everything else. I suspect they know but are careful.
The ultimate irony is what they don’t get yet but probably will. It’s not the “who” that matters. Money is the essential fulcrum through which power is exercised. Remove money and asymmetric power evaporates.
The irony comes from Richard Grove and his interlocutors using this knowledge as a money making venture…
However, this doesn’t detract from its value when the real problem is understood.

We need access to money to live currently; the trick, in our daily lives, is to reduce our reliance on money by not paying those things that feed the system: taxes, interest, fines, charges, utilites…

To repeat: Money is the essential fulcrum through which power is exercised. Remove money and asymmetric power evaporates.

The structure of the political economy is waging war on the human race. The art of war…

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.’  –  Sun Tzu