Who Owns Our Soul?

Higher Truth, posted on 1st November 2019, explains how the Satanic (selfish) political economy wants our souls. The process of seduction began with a vengeance in the early 20th century (like so many strands to build the new world order). Adam Curtis’s six part series, Century of the Self, explains how we have been transformed from humans with needs into “consumers” with desires for shiny toys and trappings to supplement our waning spirituality.

As family, community and social cohesion was fragmented, we became vulnerable to the advertising witches and warlocks conjuring fantasy lifestyles into existence. In the 1950s, the sublimation of our human essence accelerated with the introduction of television and consumer advertising to create dissatisfaction with “now” and “what is”; we embraced a seductive future of what could be within the advertising fantasy that used sophisticated psychological and occult techniques to isolate us from spirit, ie. universal consciousness. Not that many people had sufficient understanding to realise what was happening.

The views and wisdom of older generations were dismissed as old fashioned and of no value in the new technocratic age; thus we fell under the spell of the advertising and marketing witches and warlocks. Today, virtually all (including social) media is driven by marketing and advertising. The “products” they are promoting are politics, economics, wars, hoaxes, scams and hedonism, ie. the works of Satan or selfishness.

Few “consumers” could resist the temptations offered by system. White goods, televisions and the latest household furnishings became essential items for every aspiring family; many of these are useful innovations but, over time, became competitive icons (like many others). Most people want the latest models/technology and, of course, the “look” that conveys the impression of contemporary living and “success”. Thus planned obsolescence and environmental destruction are baked into the political economy, with debt servitude enabling people to buy now and pay later… and keep paying ever growing interest on money created by the time lords.

The internal combustion engine offered individual freedom to travel. The consumer society, from the 1950s onwards, embraced the motor car as the ultimate family status symbol; one had to have the latest model and innovations in order to project an image of prosperity and affluence. Vehicle debt became another source of wealth transfer and debt enslavement.

Now they want to take away our mobile toys to limit the very freedom originally offered by the motor car, all under the guise of sustainability and Agenda 2030 on the march to the new world order. The advertising and marketing wizards have persuaded many of us that we are the threat to the planet and our existence, rather than the Satanic (selfish) political economy.

There is much more to our seduction and descent from spirituality than consumer goods and lifestyles. Fashion and culture entice us into depravity with the application of pornography and occult symbolism. This is a rerun of the corruption of the Weimar Republic.

Have you ever wondered why stories which entertained and educated children for centuries have been expunged from curricula? Let’s not forget that Rothschilds and money power, through the Pearson group and other “fronts”, dominate academic publishing. Many traditional children’s stories are allegories to convey spiritual truths in a form understandable to children, inculcating a deep sense of right and wrong. Contemporary stories may attempt to convey similar truths but the blurring and distortion of reality leads to false perceptions, confusion and, ultimately, dislocation from older values. The young’s sense of right and wrong has become confused and conflated within frameworks of narrow, binary thinking and the resulting ignorance.

We’ve been trained to think emotionally, rather than rationally or intuitively, allowing others to “ride in our carriage“, ie. control our thinking.

Pre-war generations (WW1 and WW2) were propagandised for war.

The 1960s generation of youth were “captured” in the anti-establishment movement; remember we are not talking in binary terms – there were many positive influences which arose from the era of “free love” and “flower power”, as there have been from punk, rap and other teenage phenomena. However, in the realm of geopolitics, all social “movements” are fabricated and manipulated to continue the descent from spirituality. It would take a book to explain this properly but in essence, while the “consumer economy” seduced 1960s parents, the young rebelled against consumerism, war and many other injustices in the rise of the hippy movement. What irony! So many iconic “rebels” are now deeply embedded in influential positions within the kakistocracy, the psychopathic political economy. Those that resisted or “wandered from the path of acceptable dissent” were eliminated while the weak were seduced into depravity.

And that’s the point, each successive generation is led deeper into the spiritual wilderness of selfishness and greed.


Mobile phone technology is planned obsolescence combined with sinister objectives to further enslave us. Like most technology, mobile phone technology is a double-edged sword – the internet and ubiquitous communication offers the potential for a paradigm shift in human perception; however, that is not the goal of 5G and the internet of things. The underlying motive is total control and surveillance while 5G is another component of the agenda to enslave with debt, debilitate and cull the human cattle.

Jerry Day Provides an Update on 5G Implementation – Corbett Report

The UK (and other) property boom(s) were fuelled by debt servitude in the wealth transfer from the poorest to the richest. Property speculation became de rigeur for every individual aspiring to success. With “the right to buy”, social housing was sold off to fuel the speculative bubbles and every time the bubbles burst, more wealth and real assets were transferred to the banksters and the criminal Structural Elite. Beyond housing came commercial property booms in which land values were a guaranteed one way bet (for the banksters, rather than those caught in the backwash of boom and bust).

Until recently, buildings were built to last. After all, in times past, a family or business would exist in the same location for generations, bringing a sense of place and being. As land became the dominant value in property prices, buildings became incidental; thus building quality and durability declined – more planned obsolescence. For example, Standard Chartered Bank opened its London HQ in 1986 – it was demolished in 2010 (after 24 years) to make room for yet another skyscraper on the debt-fuelled City skyline… Towers of Babel.

Housing too becomes ever more temporary as more people climb the greasy pole of property speculation and “starter homes” get shoddier and smaller.

As populations become more mobile and buildings more temporary, families, communities and society become more fragmented and alienated from each other and their spirituality. Many succumb to the lie of the selfish gene manufactured in academia and promoted by the advertising, marketing and public relations witches and warlocks.

We can reclaim our souls and thus freedom and prosperity for all. We can reject the lies and deceptions that enslave us. But first, we have to see them.

Planned Obsolescence Mind Map