Weasel words and the missing hotspot

Posted 19th November 2010

The fundamental flaw in the anthropogenic global warming theory is the missing hotspot in the troposphere over the tropics, see David Evans’: http://sciencespeak.com/MissingSignature.pdf

As Albert Einstein said: “No amount of experimentation can prove me right, one experiment can prove me wrong.”

The IPCC has never claimed to have found the hotspot but characterised contradictory satellite and radiosonde (weather balloon) data as “unreliable”.  They’d rather we believe the climate models which predict a hotspot over the equator than the real life data which show it doesn’t exist.  Yet another attempt to gloss over this fundamental weakness in the man-made global warming theory is made in a recent paper by Peter W. Thorne, John R. Lanzante, Thomas C. Peterson, Dian J. Seidel and Keith P. Shine: Tropospheric temperature trends: history of an ongoing controversy.  In the Abstract it concluded that there is no reasonable evidence of a fundamental disagreement between tropospheric temperature trends from models and observations when uncertainties in both are treated comprehensively.

Jo Nova has posted a useful deconstruction of the Thorne et al paper here: http://joannenova.com.au/2010/11/thorne-2010-a-very-incomplete-history-of-the-missing-hot-spot/

David Evans wrote: “They have resorted to cheating. For example, see pages 30 -36 of http://jonova.s3.amazonaws.com/corruption/climate-corruption.pdf. There they use the old coloring in trick, as well as replacing most of the temp data from radiosondes with wind shear data and a theory. Bottom line: Only warming pattern change data during warming counts, and warming stopped in 2002. So the radiosonde data is it, and the hotspot ain’t there.”

2 thoughts on “Weasel words and the missing hotspot”

  1. I wnoder why the US is leading the way on it’s natural causes. It’s the only place that puts natural causes higher than man-made unless I missed one. I guess it’ll catch up with the rest of the World in a few years times.

  2. Fernando, on the contrary, it is the EU which is out of step with the rest of the world. China and Russia want no part of EU plans to charge airlines for CO2 emissions. Even Germany is spending EU renewable subsidies on lignite (brown coal) powered electricity generation – they need power and can’t rely on wind/solar. The Chicago Climate Exchange ceased trading carbon credits a year ago but the European carbon price is underpinned by inappropriate legislation. Politicians may be waking up to the reality that the climate change agenda is a massive misallocation of resources. There has been no evidence of warming in this millennium and according to satellite data sea levels are falling. We are heading for a period of cooling.

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