Voices at the Threshold

The Outersite article, Consciousness, Polarity and Resonance, published in November 2020, refers to Michael Finesilver’s book, The Threshold Perspective.

When we understand consciousness, polarity and resonance, it becomes clear how close we are to a real paradigm shift…

In June 2023, Michael sent me his latest book, Voices at the Threshold which is available to buy or download here: http://pathwayinitiatives.co.uk/download-buy

Since May last year, I’ve been rather preoccupied with coming to terms with my partner Maggie’s death and dealing with its consequences. I’ve dipped into Voices at the Threshold from time to time with the intention of posting it in an article but haven’t, until today, immersed myself in the book. While only halfway through, I’m prompted to revisit The Threshold Perspective much more thoroughly. Michael describes how we can best understand the causes of the dysfunction in the world and to navigate the paradigm shift currently underway. In terms of human evolution, the threshold perspective is how we adapt to thrive in the very different world that is emerging.