Ukraine – Hostage

It is with some trepidation and reluctance that I write this article but there are insights and analysis that need to be shared because they bring clarity and sanity to a subject which is twisted and manipulated to fit competing geopolitical agendas and world views. My reluctance stems from the reality that “truth is the first casualty of war”.

First is this conversation with James Delingpole in which Alex Thomson of UK Column lays out an historical perspective on Ukraine to explain the complexities relating to the current conflict. Alex is known to many as a regular contributor to UK Column. His time within the UK intelligence services at GCHQ, broad and comprehensive knowledge of East European history, combined with his extensive language skills and contacts within the region, make him one of the few rational and informed voices amid the current confusion.

Alex Thomson – The Delingpod (podcast 1 hour 12 minutes 28 seconds)
Alex is a regular correspondent on UK column news – he also used to work for GCHQ. James and Alex discuss Russia and Ukraine

Alex makes reference to the US funded biowarfare laboratories in Ukraine and the work of Dilyana Gaytandzhieva

Second comes from The Duran with a contribution from Gonzalo Lira who is in Ukraine and has provided on the ground insights from both Kiev where he was when the Russian military action started and latterly from Kharkov, where he lives.

Russia, Ukraine & US Sanctions target India (video 2 hours 18 minutes 47 seconds)
Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris discuss Ukraine and the geopolitical context.

Finally, Alex Thomson’s conversation with Vanessa Beeley rounds out some of his analysis discussed with James Dellingpole but adds more context, particularly in the light of the similar conflict in Syria where Vanessa lives currently. Broadly, both Syria and Ukraine (like other conflicts and Colour Revolutions) are manifestations of proxy wars in pursuit of the new world order, as explained in Critical Thinking’s final analysis published in 2019.

An intelligent analysis of Putin, WEF and the Ukraine NATO alliance (audio only (1 hour 16 minutes 59 seconds)
An illuminating conversation with Alex Thomson, former GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), Russian speaker and regional expert, a regular guest on UK Column News.
We cover the Russian incursion into Ukraine and the preceding history that will put the Russian initiative into context. We also cover the Putin-WEF connections that many analysts are highlighting – Alex brings a little more nuance, history and insight to the overall global parasite class composition

Having listened to Alex Thomson’s talk with James Delingpole yesterday, I dropped him an email attaching our recent paper

Hi Alex

I greatly appreciate the insights you gave relating to the history and current situation in Ukraine. A tour de force 🙂

I was particularly taken with your three pillar analysis Energy, Population and Currency and I agree we need to create alternatives to the centrally controlled money of today.

Where we differ is related to your exceptional grasp of history and geopolitics that has been shaped by simple, exchange money that created the structures of power we see today and throughout the period since its invention. I would argue that we’re witnessing seismic changes in the affairs of humans that go way beyond geopolitics. Furthermore, I would suggest this transformation is of a spiritual nature driven by cosmic forces that will be reflected in transformation from competition to cooperation.

The attached paper is a continuation of our work on money that continued after the publication of Critical Thinking’s final analysis in 2019 which anticipated much of what has happened since, not in detail but in terms of the trajectory.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this if you’re interested. In any event, I’d be grateful if you would pass this email on to James Delingpole,

Like the rest of us but particularly at the current time, more acutely, the Ukrainian people irrespective of their religious, cultural or linguistic roots are hostages to money power and its ambitions. While the current situation will play out in time, the only way the Ukranians, Syrians and all of us can live in freedom and prosperity is to create our own reality between ourselves, leaving yesterday’s imperial parasites to nurse their crumbling ambitions. It will happen but the question is: how many will have to suffer and die as hostages to a dying structure?


Iain Davis has provided an historical perspective on Ukraine in the light of recent events:

Ukraine War! What Is It Good For? The Historical Background (Part 1)
The people of the Crimea not only had historical reasons to fear attacks from neo-Nazis, they represented a clear and present danger to their lives. The words “fascist” or “Nazi” are used so frequently today that they have practically lost their meaning in the minds of many in the west.
The Right Sector, and the paramilitary arm of Svoboda, are not merely conservatives or people the western, liberal intelligentsia disagree with. They are full-blown neo-Nazis and their beliefs are driven by hate and an unshakeable supremacist ideology. They have received and continue to receive the unwavering support of NATO aligned governments and, in turn, these governments serve a globalist network of public-private partnerships.
It is this wider geopolitical context that we will explore in Part 2. Without this analysis, we cannot appreciate forces the that have led to the Russian “special military operations” in the Ukraine. One thing is certain, if we unquestioningly believe either the western or eastern MSM, we will never grasp the bigger picture.

There is a global context to all conflicts summarised in Critical Thinking’s final analysis referred to previously, linking to a video summary. Various papers and articles that expand on this analysis are available from this article written in August 2020. The following video is a presentation from August 2019 specifically on how money rules… everything.

How Money Rules (video 1 hour 44 minutes 22 seconds)
References mentioned in the video are here:

This next video presentation from November 2021 puts the covid trojan in the context of money and introduces the ideas contained the paper sent to Alex Thomson.

COVID PseudoPandemic and Money (video 1 hour 39 seconds)

Money is driving this war in Ukraine as it drives everything else; until we address this root cause of conflict, it will continue irrespective of the understanding of geopolitical context.