Truth is the Only Route to Freedom

This article is prompted by a post by Martin Geddes of his prior articles which relate the story of Derek Bye’s campaign for candour from the medical establishment.

How a Duty of Candour can prevent a Tyranny of Things (November 2017)
Four lessons from 40 years of campaigning for justice (October 2018)

Candour, transparency, trust and truth are essential ingredients for freedom.

To understand the corruption of “healthcare”, we need to understand two things:

  • Everything, including the invention and promotion of “modern medicine”, has been driven by money.
    Rothchilds backed the Rockefellers, who created an oil monopoly and went on to endow universities, hospitals etc. Petrochemicals (toxins) are the feedstock of the pharmaceutical industry (along with processed food, water, cosmetics, clothing etc.). Our bodies use various means to expel these toxins; modern medicine calls these mechanisms (fevers, skin reactions etc.) “disease” for which the remedy is to introduce more toxins for our immune systems to cope with. We’ve been cumulatively poisoned for over a century and, individually, since birth (and before – our mothers were subjected to poisoning).
  • Everything, we thought we knew about disease is wrong.

In short, every household should have a copy of What Really Makes You Ill? on the bookshelf as a self-help guide to healthy living and to have the knowledge to overcome fear and tyranny.

Any doctor, or “expert” who subscribes to germ theory (for which there is no evidence) and belief in viruses as the cause of “disease” is your enemy.

Leaving aside all the manipulated data and layers of deception, we must build on foundations of truth. Once a sufficient number of people realise there is nothing to fear from a mythical “virus”, it is game over for the current paradigm because institutional hierarchy will be exposed as inherently corrupt.

Three fundamental flaws: institutional hierarchy, theft of the commons and money, underpin this corruption and money drives all of them, including itself.

The invention of money created the competitive paradigm.

We need to rethink “money”