Truth is the First Casualty of War

Gaza is an example of our global problem

The first casualty of war is truth and this applies to Gaza and Ukraine as much as any other conflict.

I’ve neither been asked to explain what’s happening in Gaza, nor, hitherto, have I had the time or head space to attempt to do so in an article.

Thus, I was grateful to receive Michael Finesilver’s analysis which navigates this complex situation with clarity derived from his Threshold Perspective and corroborates Critical Thinking’s and subsequent analysis.

Context is an essential prerequisite to understand events and issues – this is what Michael provides in respect of Gaza.

Gaza, Palestine – 07 October 2023 – and its aftermath
What is it really about?
Certainly not what the mainstream media are telling you.

Money drives everything, including war. We’ve often referenced Colin McKay’s essay that explains the roots of double-entry bookkeeping and the manipulation of perception and time.

On Principal And Interest, Hermetic Magick, And The Lords of Time by Colin McKay
Our modern urge to measure everything dates back to the late Middle Ages when a “radical change of perception” took place in which mathematics, Venetian bookkeeping, and Luca Pacioli played a key role.  Historian Alfred W. Crosby explains this “radical change”:
‘In practical terms the new approach was simply this: reduce what you are trying to think about to the minimum required by its definition; visualise it on paper, or at least in your mind … and divide it, either in fact or in imagination, into equal quanta.  Then you can measure it, that is, count the quanta.’
And once you can measure something, then you have a quantitative or numerical representation of your subject which you can manipulate and experiment with, no matter how great its errors or omissions.  Such data can acquire an apparent independence from its human creators and, when fed into a twenty-first century computer model, an authority that appears irrefutable.

Our most recent paper, The Money Paradox, describes how money tampers with humans’ natural ability to acquire essential knowledge and wisdom that sustained us for some 300,000 years. The paper goes on to explain how information and communication technology is displacing the power of money to control perception and everything else.

Gaza, or rather the creation of Greater Israel, is an integral component of the plan to complete the enslavement of mankind but as Michael Finesilver suggests: “all is not going according to plan…”.

The cosmic tide is turning.
Consequently, all people on Earth are currently experiencing a turbulent period of worldwide TRANSITION
* from an era of descent into matter
* into an era of ascent out of matter

Death and destruction are necessary for new life to emerge. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift.

Gaza, pharmaceutical genocide and all the other craziness we are experiencing herald our transition from the old competitive world that denies a growing number of people the means to sustain themselves, created by our reliance on money, to a new era of cooperation and mutual support.

As I suggested in a talk at the beginning of this year, with the technology and resources available today, we should be living in a world of miraculous abundance. That is where we are heading.