Toxic Mimicry

My expanding network of “soul mates” and mutual interest groups shares information and wisdom. I’d not heard of Derrick Jensen until this short video arrived via Telegram from Fern.

Toxic Mimics – Derrick Jensen (video 2 minutes 52 seconds)
“Rape is a toxic mimic of sex. War is a toxic mimic of play. The bond between slave owner and slave is a toxic mimic of marriage. Heck, marriage is a toxic mimic of marriage, of a real partnership in which all parties help all others to be more fully themselves.”

Identification with ideologies has been ingrained into us from a very early age and the language of indoctrination is so pervasive that we use it without thinking.

When we say “we” are at war (with Russia for example)… – hang on, WE aren’t at war; governments that most of us didn’t choose have assumed the power to wage war, ostensibly on “our” behalf but in reality for the structure that wages war on us all.

Institutions (all of them) need our belief and identity to wield power over us. We are allegedly governed by consent. WE didn’t consent to what is done, either to us or to other people!

Larken Rose puts it well:

Five Questions (“Government on Trial”) (video 4 minutes 23 seconds)