Toppling Statues is Displacement Therapy

Friday’s article referred to the madness which has gripped large swathes of Western society. In addition to the symbolic but suicidal wearing of face masks, many have been whipped into a frenzy over the symbolic nature of statues. Historic “slavery” has been substituted, as the focus of people’s choreographed anger, for the current system of slavery which is engulfing us all.

When it comes to attacking statues for past misdeeds, I suspect there would be few left standing, if this symbolic displacement therapy was carried to it’s logical conclusion. And that is the purpose: to destroy a nation, first destroy its culture and get the population to divide and fight each other before they realise they are being set up for destruction and enslavement.

We’ve seen this play out throughout history and more recently in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and attempted in Syria and elsewhere. These “regime change” chickens have come home to roost in the UK, Europe and the United States, conduits of the real power creating conflict, destruction and slavery in the world today, as in history.

I wouldn’t be impressed by or condone the storming of New Court which dominates the inner City of London skyline, a discreet but imposing emblem of the power of the Rothschild family who were/are primary beneficiaries of the slave trade. However, it would be a far more logical target than those statues under attack today.

Architecture As…a fortress @ ‘New Court’ Rothschild Bank Headquarters in the City by OMA by Mania Oikonomou
Walking around Bank station I tried to catch glimpses of the building from afar and the fact that it rises higher than anything else was once more truly off-putting. I somehow got stuck to the idea that the owners insisted on rising above all else to seal their superiority over the surrounding lands as was done centuries ago. And this was conveniently done by making people believe more public space was created along with the opening of visual access to a famous church. Unfortunately my suspicions were confirmed when I found out that the topmost floor of the ‘Sky pavilion’ is only reserved for the Rothschild family’s private functions.

Money power, controlled by Rothschilds, is orchestrating the march to total subjugation, i.e. global slavery of the human cattle. Indirectly, through proxies and front men, they are fuelling Black Lives Matter, the COVID conspiracy and control most every lever of power, including the military-intelligence, media-academic complex.

Demolishing statues or storming New Court will only exacerbate the chaos and accelerate our total subjugation. As suggested on Friday, we need to be on the smart side, ie. be strategic. First, we need a shared understanding of what’s really happening and then we’ll know what to do.