Think Context

Critical Thinking’s research and analysis revealed the limitations of abstraction which is how most people derive their understanding of the world – abstraction is how we’ve been trained to manage complexity, ie. if we are considering a complex issue or event, we’re wont to isolate the elements we can grasp or appreciate to focus on these to derive our opinions or views; often what we choose to abstract to justify our world view is determined by our ideological perspectives. Thus we ignore “inconvenient” evidence or information as irrelevant or wrong because it doesn’t “fit” with our world view. Furthermore, we tend to dismiss information from sources outside our cultural comfort zone, ie. from those with whom we feel we have little in common.

In the last post, I referred to how we’ve been trained out of our human essence to become aspiring consumers – in other words, we’ve been isolated from our fundamental context as individuals interacting with other individuals to form human bonds of common interest mandated by universal consciousness – we have lost the middle ground; as Laurie Anderson explains:

Laurie Anderson Ask a Question (3 minute video)

Conflation and confusion over alleged man-made climate change is how many are herded into the “green new deal” mindset because they have no understanding of context. The media/PR machine abstracts elements of a highly complex system (climate) to support the overarching narrative: that WE (humans) are the problem. We eat too much of the wrong foods and consume too much energy. In addition, the machine conflates environmental destruction with climate change creating a false choice – if we don’t subscribe to the climate change mantra, we can’t be environmentally responsible.

The real context or cause of environmental destruction is the political economy itself which thrives on planned obsolescence and exponential growth, all driven by interest on money, usury. If we are serious about addressing environmental destruction, that is the place to start.

The man-made climate change hoax is the route to our enslavement to a one world government – that is the real context

‘The Calculated Subversion of Humanity’ …and How to Resist It by Julian Rose
As we transition into 2020, our World is in the grip of a deliberate attempt to destroy the fundamental values upon which all civilised life depends.
Humanitarian values of love, kindness, compassion and mutual support – are being deliberately blocked, distorted and down-graded as part of a global propaganda regime designed to indoctrinate the people of this planet into selfish, materialistic and essentially passive ‘convenience’ life styles.

Meanwhile, as irrational fear of “global warming” is accelerating, accumulating evidence suggests the opposite, ie. global cooling; the Structural Elite are planning for the real potential crisis, shorter growing seasons, crop losses and potential famine.

GLOBAL FOOD RATIONING: You Have Been Warned (19 minute video)

If the Structural Elite and the corrupt elevated cattle really believed in the claimed climate catastrophe, would they be investing in beachfront real estate?

Billionaire Dan Pena on Global Warming (3 minute video)

If we want to understand context, we need to explore multiple perspectives. In 2020, context is essential.

Best wishes for the New Year and to meet the challenges ahead.