The Wrong Stories

Our overriding problem when discussing anything with most people, particularly within mainstream media, is that their psyches are informed by the wrong stories.

This first video is my attempt to tell the real story behind the creation and expansion of Israel on Press TV’s Spotlight programme. I was asked why Israeli soldiers are willing to kill innocent Palestinians (babies, women and children). There is a real story that we need to understand. We are all Palestinians in the sense that we are not “chosen”, nor are Jews in general; by learning real stories, we can build our own and everyone else’s (including Palestinians’) better future.

PressTV Spotlight 28Dec2023 – Israel (video 12 minutes 11 seconds)
Behind the death and destruction in Palestine is an ideology powered by a structure. We are the power of that structure and to stop this war and all the other madness in the world, we need to disengage from the structure in every way we can.

Yesterday was our first Reclaimers meeting of 2024 and Andy recommended these videos of a recent conversation with Kim and David Martin talking to freedom lovers in California. I’ve listened to the first part so far and it is full of stories that accord with evidence.

Part #1 :Dr David & Kim Martin : Where Is This World Going? Fundraiser (video 2 hours 44 minutes 38 seconds)

Part#2: Dr David & Kim Martin : Where’s This World Going? Fundraiser (video 2 hours 43 minutes 9 seconds)

Part#3: Evening Vertical Worship Dr David & Kim Martin : Fundraiser (video 45 minutes 19 seconds)

By learning the right stories we can make better decisions. That is what the Critical Thinking project was all about. More and more people are learning the real story of our existence and a paradigm shift is underway.