The Work

I’ve remarked in the past how these articles tend to write themselves, i.e. they are driven by a higher power. Furthermore, their timing is similarly driven when items appear via the few social medium platforms I use or into my email.

This article is prompted by a poem via a local co-creative Telegram group:

To which I responded:

Yes. I do remember but if we hadn’t made this journey of discovery and the structure hadn’t kicked into warp speed, we wouldn’t be accelerating along this path to higher consciousness. It was in parts a fool’s paradise because we knew no better. Now we do 🙂

Three videos appeared over the last four days and together with a conversation within the Critical Thinking email group have had me pondering. My understanding has expanded and become more coherent as a result.

Finally, I’ve been thinking a lot about Gonzalo Lira who has gone “dark” and the indications are that he may have been kidnapped, tortured and killed. He was well aware of the risks he faced and warned us what may be the result of him not communicating.

Wheres Gonzalo Lira Coach Red Pill Kidnapped by the Ukraine secret police (video 59 seconds)
Posted here long after 12 hours have elapsed and fears grow for Gonzalo who has been incomunicado for several days.

We have no confirmation at this stage but can only speculate on the basis of much circumstantial evidence.

However, what is paramount is that Gonzalo persisted in his rich and colourful reports and observations driven by his own sense of purpose. To tell the truth as he saw it, from his very first thrust into the limelight just over a month ago. Without his Work we would be significantly poorer and further behind in our understanding of the unfolding nightmare to which those standing with Ukraine remain wilfully oblivious.

Alive or dead, Gonzalo Lira is playing a vital role in the global awakening leading to ever stronger vibrations of universal consciousness.

Gonzalo is very much a node in the expanding co-creative development community. He is doing The Work.

I will not write Gonzalo’s obituary because there is the possibility that his chapter on this earth has not ended and he may yet have some stories to tell.

What I’ve come to accept is some people’s journey is shorter than others because death and destruction are integral to renewal and regrowth (See Tarot Guidance). This transition may take many lives but all of us and future generations will grow in consciousness as a result.

It is not for me to suggest what one should do to help Gonzalo but sharing the best of his work is a start. There are a growing number of people praying that, contrary to expectations, Gonzalo will re-emerge.

Irrespective of the outcome, Gonzalo Lira is someone we should all be grateful for.