The Spiritual Problem of the Modern Individual

Carl Jung explains how modern society has lost the foundations of religious dogma that provided essential, existential foundations for the human psyche. In the absence of such dogma, we need to dig within ourselves to discover spiritual meaning to dispel notions of existential futility.

Carl Jung and the Spiritual Problem of the Modern Individual

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What Carl Jung describes is the inevitable trauma of being severed from spirit. In the absence of religious dogma, we need to delve beyond the exoteric, ie. visible knowledge and what is external, into the esoteric, ie. hidden or occult knowledge and what is internal.

Critical Thinking reached the limits of deductive logic in trying to understand why the majority of people remain blind to their reality – that we are farmed as domesticated cattle. We reached a plateau of understanding and that to reach higher we need intuitive, inductive reasoning in order to access esoteric science.

The occult is not intrinsically sinister, although it can be; it is our route to self-knowledge, understanding of the universe and wisdom. Mark Passio’s one day seminar, in three parts, provides a useful introduction to the esoteric underpinnings of the Satanic political economy.

Mark Passio – De-Mystifying The Occult – Part 1 of 3

As Mark explains, if we shy away or reject what he’s teaching, without exploring the occult for ourselves, we are already “owned” by Satanic forces.

Ancient teachings such as Shamanism, the Khemetian tradition, Alchemy, Hermeticism, Kabala, Freemasonry, the Tarot, the Thelema, Rosicrucianism and Theosophy all have much to teach us, if we’re prepared to overcome the prejudices and fears that associations with these conjure in our minds. The mention of Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky and others tends to deter us from looking at what they studied and wrote without looking for ourselves.

Our reluctance to study the occult serves those that rule because, as long as we remain ignorant of how they use this hidden power, we are enslaved to their will.