A New World Beckons

Posted 23rd October 2011

Fractional reserve banking is legalised fraud. The issuing of money, by central banks, is theft from the 99%, aided and abetted by leveraged bank lending.

Money as Debt, a 45 minute video, is an introduction to banking from its origins and describes the process by which the 99% are enslaved in debt and the 1% end up with all the power and wealth.

Circulate it to everyone you know. When the 99% understand how they are being robbed, the pressure for change will be irresistible.

Our debt based money system:

finances the military industry complex which depends on perpetual war for its development;

corrupts politics, media and our public institutions, leading the 99% into slavery with their lies;

underpins an economic system which is raping the planet of its resources at an exponential rate and relies on us consuming stuff we don’t need.

The debt based monetary system is the major obstacle to change and, in any event, is destined to collapse when the cumulative debt becomes unaffordable through rising inflation and interest rates (study the Weimar Republic and hyperinflation).

The 1% must be made aware of the risks to their long term survival. The French Revolution showed, with horrifying clarity, the way the disaffected and dispossessed could wreak revenge on perceived authors of their misery. Read Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities. If a bloody revolution ensues, revenge will find victims way beyond the 1%.

We are ruled by fear. Don’t be frightened. There is a bright future ahead.

We are not out to destroy. We are working for a fairer, sustainable future where human ingenuity and creativity can flourish.

Call to action:

Send the video, Money as Debt, to everyone you know.

Study alternative monetary systems, should the system collapse, we need a fair, honest, interest free monetary system for immediate introduction if bloodshed is to be avoided.

Shun established political structures and process. It is puppet theatre, under the control of the elites, to distract, divert and enslave the 99%. Develop a new people’s democracy to take over should the structures crumble.

(Once alternative monetary and democratic structures are established, the 99% can function and flourish, irrespective of the machinations of the markets and the 1%.)

Use independent media, cross check and verify all information. To make the best decisions, we need the truth.


The one percent will do all in their power to crush the global occupy movements. They will use many tactics but one of the biggest threats is division and dissent. There are many causes and manifestations of anger which have come together in the occupations. All are valid but we must avoid ideology or divisive issues which will lose support. The debt based monetary system is the origin of many of the injustices in the world. Moving to a value based, interest free, monetary system will help to solve many of these symtoms of the tyranny of debt based money.

Agent provocateurs will be deployed to divide and discredit the movement.

Beware of ego. Celebrity status is seductive, as is the promise of riches. 15 minutes of fame or 30 pieces of silver are not comparable to a better, fairer future. We owe it to our children and future generations.

The 99% can unite around this issue of Money as Debt, irrespective of political beliefs. United we can win.

Join us and change the world!

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  1. Dave Middleton (19:16:36) : OR – A mass dilesuon could overtake western civilization, destroy the world economy and starve billlions this century…

  2. Roni, true but if enough people understand that the monetary and banking system created the conditions leading to the current situation, an alternative future is possible.

  3. Allan: Correction to my snenetce on El Ninos: It should read …since the additional heat supplied to the equatorial Pacific by the Southern Ocean and the THC/MOC in the North Pacific has been dissipated.

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