The Psychology of Servitude

On New Year’s Day, I had a conversation with Mark Windows on his new livestream show.

New Age Global Citizens (1hour 29 minute video)

A follow-up discussion to the Sunday 29th December 2019 Windows On The World show, Archons of the New Age
Mark Windows and Clive Menzies from Critical Thinking look further into the power structure of New Age Governance.

It is also on the Outersite BitChute channel:

Towards the end of the discussion, we get into how we can escape the tyranny of the current political economy and how we need to take responsibility for ourselves and each other. As so often happens, this article came my way subsequently; it expresses what I meant so much more eloquently.

The Top 3 Reasons Why The System… Keeps Perpetuating Itself by Makia Freeman

Well known anarchist or voluntaryist Larken Rose explains this point beautifully in a speech entitled So Small a Thing, where he draws an analogy between the blind belief in authority and the Ring of Power in the fictional series Lord of the Rings.
He highlights how the entire power of the System – with all its guns, laws and surveillance data – hinges on the widespread belief of its subjects that the government has the right to rule them.
Without that belief, the government would collapse, because no one would execute, enforce or obey its decrees.

Nearly 500 years ago, Étienne de la Boétie wrote Discourse on Voluntary Servitude in which he explains how, either in ignorance or fear, we choose to be subject to tyrannical rule. At the time of his writing there was limited education and therefore little understanding of alternatives to tyranny or knowledge of how easily it could be removed. In addition, the few who were educated were ignorant of their peers owing to geographic dispersal and lack of communication. As a result they were unable to organise to throw off the yoke of servitude.

Discourse on Voluntary Servitude
The Discours sur la servitude volontaire of ÉTIENNE DE LA BOÉTIE, 1548
Rendered into English by HARRY KURZ

In the internet age, we don’t have the same excuse. As Larken Rose suggests, we just need to understand we are held captive by “so small a thing”.