The Needle and the Damage Done

There is desperation to inject everyone in the UK with experimental mRNA altering cocktails. The propaganda machine has been in full swing since before Christmas 2020 and the “roll out” has been underway thereafter.

Being of a “certain age”, I’ve been the recipient of NHS letters and texts exhorting me to “get the jab” in the intervening period. In recent days, I’ve received voicemail messages from the NHS “Immunisation Management Service” offering to “help” me get the COVID “vaccine”. Up until now I’ve ignored these communications but having been targeted with phone calls, I decided I needed to confront the situation, rather than dodge it. The following video is most of the conversation I recorded – it’s not easy to record phone calls, I had to use a second phone.

Have You Had The COVID “Vaccine”? (6 minutes and 6 seconds)
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There are a couple of immediate observations arising from this conversation worth noting:

  • Inefficiency and “cock-ups” are a feature of institutional hierarchy and their prevalence rises with scale. This assault on the UK population is on an unprecedented scale. Clearly, it is known that many people have probably had the vaccine but it is not recorded on their medical records (held on a centralised database – centralised records are problematical in themselves). It is quite possible that people could have multiple shots in the mistaken belief that they will give more protection.
  • Specialisation and compartmentalisation ensure widespread ignorance of the adverse consequences arising from these experimental “vaccines” and there is no accountability within the system – see Section 2.4 of Gulag Academia.

I referred in the conversation to the MHRA Yellow Card system. Remember that most adverse reactions (even deaths) aren’t recorded; this is openly admitted by the MHRA itself.

However, the data that is recorded is worrisome enough. You can probably multiply the recorded instances by at least 10 and possibly by 100 times those disclosed – it’s anybody’s guess as to the real figures.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine adverse reactions

There’s a long history of the cover-up of damage from vaccines. To get a flavour of the real damage from vaccines, particularly in respect of babies and children, these two documentaries are essential viewing:

Jabbed (video -1 hour 30 minutes and 47 seconds)

Vaxxed II (1 hour 31 minutes and 54 seconds)

Have you been asked by friends, family or acquaintances, “have you had the jab?” This next video resonates with those who know what’s really going on.

Have you had it? (6 minute 52 seconds)

Richard Grannon recorded this next video in October 2019, long before the COVID scamdemic was unleashed on an already disoriented public. Understanding what we’re being subjected to is the first step to recovering our sanity and to escape the current abusive paradigm.

THE CIA DID THIS (video – 31 minutes and 35 seconds)

As Richard explains, self-preservation involves “taking back your toys” – in other words take back control. Don’t expose yourself to the toxic torture. Don’t watch television, read newspapers or unreliable sources on social media – the propaganda machine is everywhere.

Most of all, arm yourself with knowledge and rejoice in the understanding that you can’t catch a “virus”. As Dawn Lester explained in one conversation I heard: “You can no more catch a virus than you can catch a dirty neck.”