The Nature of Reality and Why What Most of What We Think Is Wrong

Following the discussion on Truth & Libraries, roundtable 2, 17/3/21, Medical Myths a couple of weeks ago on viruses, germs and sickness with Dawn Lester, co-author of What Really Makes You Ill?, I had the opportunity to talk to Dawn and David yesterday.

Clive Menzies talks to Dawn Lester, David Parker about why they wrote “What Really Makes You Ill?”, an essential read to understand why you aren’t at risk from “infection or contagion”.

The video is also available on BitChute:

Their other book referred to in discussion is The Nature of Reality – It’s Stranger Than You Can Imagine.

A couple of other links/sources were mentioned:

Gulag NHS
The sickness and disability industry (a.k.a. healthcare) is very much a product of academia because Gulag NHS apparatchiks and “guards” (administrators, doctors, nurses, researchers and medical professionals), for example, need extensive “academic” (corrective) training to ensure that they are dependent on, and supportive of, the “authorised” narratives viz à viz germs, viruses and all the other alleged “threats” to our well-being.

These narratives don’t describe the real world but are abstractions: narrow perspectives on the workings of highly sophisticated, complex and self-healing systems… our bodies and our immune systems.

The repurposing of a local theatre and community centre into a vaccination and processing centre for the human cattle:

Dugdale Repurposed
Viewed in the context of Gulag NHS, this looks chilling…

The video is also available on BitChute:

Michael Finesilver on cosmic change:

The Threshold Perspective
It explains the current turbulent changes going on worldwide in the context of an ongoing shift from an era in which the universal masculine principle has been dominant to one in which the universal feminine principle is becoming increasingly influential – each individual, of whatever gender denomination, being a unique combination of the two polar opposite principles.

An interesting paper from Michal Bratowski’s perspective (an engineer as is David Parker) which resonates with what we discussed:

The Basics
I am an ordinary man like you, who is continuously trying to seek the truth, defend it, and share it with others. I have decided to share my thoughts on various aspects of our lives and the life of humanity as a whole. I have done this because I care. Some of you may not find anything revealing here, and I take it as a good sign because what I present in this book is what we all already know, but many of us have forgotten. If you know someone who has forgotten it, please share this book with them. I will be very grateful if you do.

Special thanks to my lovely children, who prepared the illustrations used in this book

The just published Money Technology paper is an introduction to Human Value Systems a.k.a endogenous tokenisation:

Money Technology
Money is a form of technology that has been around for a few thousand years but has changed little in its fundamental nature and its effects, irrespective of technological and financial innovation. Current money is Money 1.0 and an upgrade is long overdue.

To summarise, the shared understanding of reality is resonating ever more widely as a result of people researching, analysing, synthesising and sharing information and ideas, i.e. co-creative learning. From this shared understanding, the solutions to our problems have emerged:, co-creative development of human value systems that conform with universal law.