The Money Paradox

I was asked to comment on the recent developments in Scottish and UK politics. Politics is theatre, a distraction, like most everything else that is put in front of us in both mainstream and alternative media, provoking excitement and consternation – fear – all round. We manifest what we focus on which is why our focus is directed.

PressTV Scottish Politics and Structural Change
Being asked about the claimed “seismic shift” in Scottish and UK politics, I talk about what drives everything…. money.

My response, in this interview on Friday 6 October 2023, is informed by the work Alex and I have been doing over the last four years or so. Since we published our paper on direct value handling about a year ago, following conversations with “insiders” and the many individuals and groups with whom we interact, we’ve been planning a new paper to try to encapsulate the essence of what is happening and highlight possibilities to transform the way we sustain ourselves and everyone else. Today the paper is ready for publication and distribution.

The Money Paradox

Optimal solutions to any problems tend to overwhelm ideological constructs. This paper describes how we may change the way we sustain ourselves, pointing to a future of inclusive human sustainability. The tools that can deliver are here; direct value handling already benefits large corporations that practice it. We are already contributing to the open model, with our data.The open question is how do we individually, or as representatives of organisations, become beneficiary participants? The introduction of endogenous, non-fungible money enabling direct value handling of projects and assets provides a potential bridge solution. If underwritten as tradable tokens (CBDCs, as public infrastructure, are possible candidates) they can act as exogenous money until exchange is no longer required.

It is time for us as a species to face the music and part with the follies from the past.

Step 1 Get involved to comprehend “current” reality – adopt the emerging methodologies.
Step 2 explore, imagine, and select feasible possibilities from the ongoing Structural Change.
Step 3 become familiar with the tools, people, and resources available to deploy knowledge beneficial for human sustainability.

Please feel free to pass this paper on to anyone who you think would benefit from these new ways of thinking and operating.

Money forces us to compete whereas, for most of the time that modern humans existed, we cooperated. Direct value handling fosters cooperation.

There is a cosmic/spiritual dimension to what is happening but the mechanics alone are sufficient to comprehend their significance. We can discuss the spiritual dimension in due course. If we live by love, then love will manifest itself in the world. We manifest what we focus on.