The Human Cull Accelerates

In Critical Thinking’s final analysis, How We Live, published on 18th October 2019 (ironically the same day as the rehearsal for the COVID trojan – Event 201), we implied that the human cull was imminent. In the video that summarises that research, I was more explicit – from about 33 minutes in.

The anomalous rise in deaths after the “lockdown”, first imposed in March 2020 in the UK, were early indicators that the plan to cull the human cattle was underway. Contrary to claims by the establishment that these were “COVID deaths”, a large proportion of (if not all) premature deaths were from causes other than “coronavirus”; multi-factor debilitation of immune systems is highlighted in our last paper COVID-19:Plunder and Population Reduction).

Recent data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) suggest that the programme to administer mRNA vaccines to large proportion of the UK population is accelerating the cull; official data show a surge in premature deaths during the first two weeks of January 2021.

What is causing the sudden rise in mortality in the UK?
“After a stark rise in all-cause mortality within the over 80s and across other age groups in the United Kingdom in the first few weeks of January, it is important to enquire what has led to this sudden dramatic shift.
Whilst the media mainstream have been pre-occupied with the 100,000 covid-19 death toll, most have failed to comment on the sudden shifts in overall mortality in England and Wales.
In this episode we explore some of the potential reasons for the sudden increase in all-cause mortality.

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Not only is there a wide body of verifiable evidence that confirms the intention to reduce the global population but, as mentioned a few weeks ago, a 2012 study revealed the potentially lethal consequences of mRNA vaccines. We suggested that authority will claim any deaths from vaccination are from COVID but mRNA vaccine deaths have been predicted by experts, including Delores Cahill.

Dolores Cahill PhD speaking about mRNA vaccines
“I suppose there are potentially three adverse reactions”

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Viewed from multiple perspectives, this looks and feels like the acceleration of the human cull and yet the “sheep” clamour for mRNA vaccines under the delusion that if only they have the vaccine, life will go back to normal.

The torturers (who themselves are clueless as to the real agenda) have had a noose around our necks since March 2020 and promise to release us, if only we allow them to pull it tighter for a while… they will never let go, unless we refuse to comply.