The Future of Sense Making

The last article explained how perceptions govern our health and the way the world works.

As one explores issues and events more deeply and widely, a distinct pattern emerges that repeats and repeats. When we understand how everything is connected, making sense of the world becomes easier.

Predictive Programming

There are many strands to the management of our perceptions. One technique that has been prevalent in false flag terrorism and the current illusion of a pandemic is predictive programming, i.e. creating the “sense making” or understanding of a situation in advance of its occurrence.

Preparing for COVID

Creating the “sense making” conditions for COVID and the resulting majority compliance through fear has a long history which is explained in our paper, COVID19: Plunder and Population Reduction.

Phil Stone shared an example of predictive programming specifically targeted at the British audience although the message penetrated global consciousness. The 2012 Olympics opening ceremony included a section which clearly programmed perceptions well in advance of what has happened since 23rd March 2020.

As has become increasingly clear over the last 14 months, the NHS is “coming for our kids”.

2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony
2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Dark and sinister opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics used predictive programming by Phil Stone (video 6 minutes 45 seconds)
If you were scratching your head watching the Olympic opening ceremony, and thinking to yourself, “what on earth has this got to do with sport”? then you were not alone.

Popular culture is a potent predictive programming medium and the young are particularly susceptible because they tend to be the targeted audience and few have the capacity/experience to be aware of how they are being programmed. Many films, series etc. have been produced on the premise of a global pandemic. The Twelve Monkeys science fiction series is a prime and worthy example because it’s interesting in many other ways.

Horror movies and science fiction are rich media through which to program reactions and behaviour in response to future events that have been pre-planned.


People who have no understanding of what’s really going on dismiss notions of predictive programming as coincidence or accidental. However, there is copious evidence of the intent and organisations working to change the way we think and consequently how we behave – behavioural management drives the global agenda through governments and all the other levers of power.

Managing Perceptions

Eddie edited this clip from The Last American Vagabond. Ryan Christian explains the future of sense making according to the Canadian establishment.

The Future of Sense Making – The Last American Vagabond, Ryan Cristian 01.06.2021
June 1st 2021, 30 minute edit from the Last American Vagabond Daily Wrap Up from that date – MSM Unwittingly Admits mRNA Truth & The Expected “Cyber Pandemic” Domestic Terrorism COVID Crossover [ ]
link to the Future of Sense Making [ ]

As explained in Gulag Academia, academics provide the narratives used by “authority” to manage perceptions and behaviour. However, the integration of academia into the levers of power is also far more direct. Those who rely on mainstream narratives doubt that such a web of deceit would go unnoticed but the evidence is in plain sight for all to see. The fact that few notice is testimony to the success of programming the global population. The following article is focused on geopolitics and war (hot and cold) but let’s not forget that WW3 started 20 years ago and that we (the human cattle) are the enemy.

The Notorious London Spy School Churning Out Many of the World’s Top Journalists by Alan Macleod
The fact that the very department that trains high state officials and agents of secretive three letter agencies is also the place that produces many of the journalists we rely on to stand up to those officials and keep them in check is seriously problematic.

Gulag NHS

In the UK, the NHS has become the default conduit to catalogue, monitor, process, harvest and cull the human cattle. As a recent article explains, the NHS Gulag is analogous to the corrective labour camps in the Soviet Union but more sinister owing to people’s conditioned “love” of the NHS.

As a frequent visitor to Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield, I’ve observed the plan unfold with the redevelopment of the old hospital site with modern buildings, housing development and three new schools within the confines of the hospital itself.

Chase Farm Hospital redevelopment

The impression of long overdue upgrading of hospital infrastructure while providing homes and schools may be welcome. However, current events and the trajectory of travel suggest this is a “cradle to grave” corrective labour camp, irrespective that the surroundings and “nudging” towards correct behaviour are less overtly brutal than the Soviet Union’s gulags.

Nonetheless, there are many areas of the hospital that are now inaccessible and behavioural experimentation on human subjects could well be underway under the guise of “forensic mental health”.

Forensic Mental Health at Chase Farm Hospital

Immediately after taking this photograph, I was challenged by someone sitting behind the right hand window. He told me I wasn’t allowed to take photographs because it is a “secure area”.

Confirmation of “security” was visible (just) at the back of the building. Just who is confined here, we can only guess at, but in the Soviet Union, classifying dissidents as mentally ill was common practice. I’m not saying this is happening now but the facilities have been created.

Maximum Security Facility
Maximum Security Facility

The NHS works hand-in-glove with national and local government even though most of the NHS has already been privatised; consultants, companies and contractors rather than NHS staff provide most of the services.

Localised Tyranny

Under the “fusion doctrine”, often referred to by UKColumn, the levers of power are being fused into a formidable behemoth of tyranny.

Enfield Council and the NHS are colluding to inject experimental genetic modification and other toxic chemicals into the human cattle who’ve been terrified into submission.

After a £27,000 “facelift”, the former local theatre and community venue has been commandeered by the Council as offices and a “vaccine” processing centre.

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And the poor, befuddled human cattle line up as directed.

"Vaccine" queue at the Dugdale Centre, Enfield
“Vaccine” queue at the Dugdale Centre, Enfield

The signage around the town reinforces the “sense making” that one should take the “vaccine”.

Sign outside Poundland on London Road, Enfield
Sign outside Poundland on London Road, Enfield

Local Resistance

I’ve written articles on my challenges to both the Council and my local doctors’ surgery. My withholding of two thirds of Council Tax demanded has now moved into legal territory. The war is on and a major battle is for our perceptions. What will determine how we think?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

Matching Perceptions to Reality

Since Critical Thinking published its final iteration of research and analysis that answers the questions, who rules, how and why?, Alex, Eddie, I and others have been exploring the role of art and money in shaping our perceptions. This work has crystalised into weekly sessions of “thinking and making” while screen printing our ideas as they evolve. We’ve already produced five pieces of work and there is an urgency to document and share our work before the volume of material overwhelms us.

Consequently, we’ve just launched Invisible Universe as a “trimtab of perception“. The website is still coming together but the outline is there and links to sources of information, together with our first post:

In Advance of an Invisible Universe