The End Game

Critical Thinking’s final analysis explains the political economy and answers the question, who rules, how and why? We also described the destination for humanity, if the current trajectory is followed: total control and surveillance of a much reduced global population.

How We Live (final analysis published in October 2019)

Beyond Critical Thinking Part 1 (How We Live explained – video)

Beyond Critical Thinking Part 2

Spiro Skouras is not the only researcher to confirm Critical Thinking’s analysis but in his latest video Spiro describes the end game. The Structural Elite agenda is unfolding under the cover of the Coronavirus fear porn. Ironically, the rehearsal for the “pandemic”, Event 201, took place on 18th October 2019, the same day that Critical Thinking’s final analysis was published.

Coronavirus End Game: The Economic Crisis and Roll-Out of the New Digital Financial System

Spiro gives his highly-informed assessment that the coronavirus outbreak is being used as a pretense to conceal the crimes of the international banksters. The plan is to remove cash from circulation so the central banks can roll out their digital currencies. This won’t happen overnight but within the next few years.

The video is also available on BitChute in case it is removed from YouTube.

If you’re in any doubt about how the manufactured climate crisis is part of this agenda, observe how Mark Carney has been tasked with integrating climate action and global finance at the UN.

Under the cover of pandemic hysteria and the green agenda, the global supply chain is being throttled, putting us all in danger.

Shipping Shutdown: Exporters Warn of Global Food Trade Collapse

Global shipping has dropped off, and exporters are warning that refrigerated container (reefer) shortages pose major problems for food trade. Soil is even wetter than last year in US Midwest, presaging a difficult — and potentially catastrophic — 2020 season. UK is under water. China is shutdown. Australia reported record low crops. Grow food. Store it. Prepare for a limited collapse of our food system.

We can resist this but it requires developing alternatives to what is centrally provided. We need to develop resilience within families and communities, interacting globally via distributed networks across the world – self-organisation trumps command and control. First, we need a shared understanding of reality to give us a firm foundation on which to build a new future.

We need to talk to the “other” as well as those we care about.