The Contagion Myth

Following on from yesterday’s article, @antifencesitter recommended this video interview with one of the two authors of The Contagion Myth which has been banned by Amazon. Uploaded to BitChute because this interview is likely to go the same way as the book, i.e. censorship.

Contagion Myth & Unconventional Ways To Treat Viruses

“How do I not get sick Doc?”… “If its got a label, don’t eat it.”

Thomas Cowan gives (among much enlightenment on disease and our bodies’ response to toxic attack) a clear explanation that we’re killing peoples’ defence mechanisms with pharmaceuticals, ie. vaccines and medicines (antibiotics etc.) – Andrew Kauffman on the same subject referring specifically to COVID19. Tom also explains the impact of radio waves or electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) on the body and the way the body responds.