The Choice: Slavery or Freedom

To actively choose freedom means being visibly non-compliant, preferably without provoking further restrictions on our own individual freedoms; the boundaries to dissent are much weaker and further away than most people think.

Conversely, “to go along, to get along” is voluntary slavery.

Critical Thinking’s analysis deconstructed money power and its control over every other lever of power. The centralised money system controls the structure of the global political economy which affects us all, locally.

It is the structure that drives everything and we are on the final road to total slavery; at the end of this road there will be no room for dissent. Thus, if we don’t, now, begin to understand the mechanics of the structure and its consequences, as Catherine Austin Fitts explains, the financial coup d’etat that has been underway for over two decades will be completed.



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This pretty much accords with the analysis of Criitical Thinking and beyond:,-MONEY-AND-THE-GREAT-RESET:a

“This sit down interview with Catherine covers the spectrum of the current situation we find ourselves in.

It was conducted as apart of the full length documentary. We are releasing the full interview for the betterment of public understanding of the situation.

Catherine’s analysis can be found at:

The full film, when released, will be available at”

Catherine refers to “Mr Global” as being the personification of the forces that rule. It is clear that banking families have played the leading role in the creation of the centralised money system which, as she explains, is a total system of control. It is the power to create and to bring money under centralised control that has created the illusion of freedom (aka. democracy). That illusion is quickly evaporating as the technocratic levers of control, described by Catherine, click into place.

However, as many have often suggested, this is not a “done deal”. As Catherine said, “they aren’t ready [with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)] “… while they are struggling to maintain the price of the US dollar in the face of overwhelming forces that will send it into a tailspin towards oblivion. If it wasn’t for the constant manipulation of the gold and silver prices, the game would be up for the US dollar. While BitCoin can be and is manipulated, it is much less controllable. Gold and silver continue to struggle to breakout on the upside but BitCoin has leapt from three month low of $10,394 to $29,315 on 31st December 2020.

Catherine explains that the current money systems are being replaced under the cover of “pandemic” with a total system of control but as we agree, the replacement system doesn’t appear to be ready. Implementation standards and interfaces have yet to be agreed and “security” standards are being developed in a vacuum because there are no proven CBDCs in operation on which to apply security processes. Whereas, people are already implementing distributed money systems, with no central control which can form the foundations of a decentralised structure within which all humans can be economically active, even in consumption, and enjoy full and fair reward for their participation.

So rather than rely on centralised, self-serving providers of money, we need to be exploring autonomous, distributed systems of exchange (aka. tokens or money) that interrelate, using technology, to co-create a self-organising, global political economy within which all human beings can flourish while the absence of perverse incentives will protect our ecology. See the three papers listed at the beginning of Taxonomy of Money.

The choice is to learn how we can co-create such a system or accept slavery.

It is essentially a choice between Love and Fear: