The Art Of War

It is unusual for me to post two articles in one day. However, having been recently asked to comment on the war in Ukraine in the context of the absorption of four oblasts into the Russian Federation, current events on the ground and media hysteria need some explanation. Wednesday’s interview is in Arabic simultaneously translated and unless you understand Arabic, you won’t know what I said.

In short, I said that this is NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine in which both Ukranian and Russian corpses are pawns in the geopolitical game. The following analysis of what is happening in Ukraine by Alex Christoforou of the Duran is well worth assimilating.

Russia gains 4 regions, loses territory in Kherson. Putin regime change. OPEC+ hostile act. Update 1 (video 40 minutes 17 seconds)

All wars are banksters wars and Ukraine is no exception. This war started in 2014 with the false flag Maidan operation to conduct regime change in Ukraine backed by a $5bn investment.

The current military push towards Kherson and the media hysteria is to remove Vladimir Putin at all costs, even if that means sacrificing many more Ukranian (and fewer Russian) lives in the process.

Demonisation of the “bogeyman” is an essential prerequisite for regime change and contrary to the evidence, Putin is characterised as an ageing crazy man who is losing his grip on reality and the Kremlin while Russia is losing the war and one of the new territories is being overrun by Ukraine forces.

Having listened to Alex’s analysis, read the transcript of Putin’s speech.

Full text of Putin’s speech at annexation ceremony

Next, think of how, in the early stages of this war, western media was predicting the invasion of Kiev; whereas what happened was the systematic annihilation of the Ukrainian forces in the East. The Russian technique was to tempt the Ukranian forces into concentrating for an offensive, surround them in the “cauldron” and then destroy or capture those forces. It has been a highly effective technique. The Russian military knows how to do war.

You would think that the Ukranian military would have learned from these past losses but the Ukranian military isn’t driving this war. NATO is and they are prepared to sacrifice as many lives as it takes to ensure regime change in Russia. NATO is NOT good at war – history is littered with their mistakes. Militarily and economically the West has shown its incompetence and impetuousness.

Meanwhile, former “allies” are jumping ship leaving the Anglo-American and European nations isolated, cold and hungry. As Alex remarks, 80% of the world population is now opposed to these clowns and their games.

And the art of war? War is a game of deception and those practised in martial arts know that you absorb your opponent’s power and then return it with devastating force.

Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

I may be wrong, but like Alex says in the video, then everything we’ve learned to date is wrong.