The Age Of Plunder Is Coming To An End

I was recently invited to discuss US dollar hegemony on George Galloway’s Kalima Horra (Free Word) show.

Is the Dollar the key to US hegemony? (video 50 minutes 1 second)
And the corollary being obvious:. If the Dollar is no longer king does US hegemony die with it?
First broadcast on Monday 2 May 2022 – guests:
Dr Francisco Dominguez – Author, Expert in Political economy; Middlesex University
Shabbir Razvi – Economist and Political analyst
Prof. Michael Hudson – Video link from Missouri,Kansas, USA
A Wall Street Financial Analyst; President of The Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET)
Clive Menzies – Researcher and analyst of political economy
Prof Steve Keen – Video link From Bangkok, Thailand
Australian economist and author
Honorary Research fellow at University College London

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At the end of my contribution, I remarked that the age of plunder is coming to an end, an idea that comes from our paper, published in the context of the wilful sabotage of the global economy in early 2020, The End of the Age of Plunder.

Since that paper, further work on money and the impact of current geopolitical events are hastening world populations towards a future in which institutional hierarchy, misallocation of the commons and the current simple exchange money methodology have no relevance or traction.

Data driven money or complex money methodology eliminates the necessity to plunder (compete) for survival.