Technocratic Plunder and Killing Machine

I’ve been trying to avoid regurgitating the symptoms of today’s dysfunctional political economy that serves money rather than humans but this video is too good to pass over, as Pennie pointed out.

Polly describes the evolution of technocracy in caring for the most vulnerable. The critically ill are now data points rather than individual humans. Statistical manipulation, propaganda and dirty tricks have led to the dominance of the “intensivist”. As Polly explains, patient focused specialists are now subservient to the machine.

How Hospitals are Killing Us – Many BOOMS! (video 1 hour 23 minutes 53 seconds)
Through the introduction of the ICU and Critical Care Ward, hospitals have been subverted by cold, calculating technicians who do not care about individual patients.
Video is in 4 parts;
Part 1: My takedown of “Trusted Voice” of the Pandemic, Michael Warner.
Part 2: What is an Intensivist and how have they ruined Hospitals?
Part 3: The history of Critical Care – some shady characters emerge in the wake of WW2.
Part 4: Who benefits from this? Who forced the hiring of Intensivists in thousands of hospitals? Is this part of a darker agenda of population control and eugenics?

Polly points an accusing finger at corporations, government and individuals but this state of affairs is a product of structure. And the structure has been fostered and encouraged by money, initially through the creation of a compartmentalised system of trained ignorance within academia.

Gulag Academia
Exposing the deficiencies of institutional hierarchies in academia which limit the potential for human creativity and understanding.

Money drives everything and thus is the most important component of the machine… but money is changing. Ideas of very different forms of money that serve, rather than dominate, humans are gaining traction.

Human Money
Self-organising, co-creative development can deliver value and reward structures that satisfy human Needs and the will to Create. In so doing, social cohesion is “baked” into the new political economy.