Tax Refuseniks

At the height of the Yellow Vest protests in France and across Europe, Critical Thinking published a Strategy for Resistance that laid out some ideas as to how to withdraw consent to the destructive and abusive system under which we live.

In that article, published in December 2018, tax, debt and rent strikes are suggested. That was before the onset of the human cull, heralded by Event 201 in October 2019.

We are now past the point of no return and, if we are to resist the totalitarian structure, we have to starve it of our participation. That means no longer self-financing our own enslavement.

Our dispute with Enfield Council, stepped up a gear in May 2021 with the receipt of a summons for non-payment of Council Tax for the year 2020/21 (we’ve been paying a third of the amount demanded). My partner and I will not fund our own criminal abuse.

The case, already adjourned for a month once, was to be heard on Thursday this week but due to bureaucracy, incompetence or whatever (divine intervention perhaps). the case has been adjourned until 2;30pm on Thursday 29th July 2021.

Our unresolved visit to court, could be regarded as a waste of time but, on the contrary, it was a valuable opportunity for reconnaissance to familiarise ourselves with the building and the process while sizing up the “opposition”.

However the biggest surprise and benefit was to meet Sibel, who is similarly resisting totalitarian abuse and destruction by refusing to pay council tax.

It became apparent from paperwork posted in the court and discussion between Chris Kafetzis, Enfield Council’s legal representative, and one of the court’s officers, that there are potentially other council tax refuseniks who, for whatever reason, had withdrawn or couldn’t be in court.

And this is really the point. There is a critical mass of dissent that will halt the agenda for total control of the global population.

We encourage others, who know the score, to withdraw consent by challenging the bag carriers in whatever way they can, including not paying taxes to criminal authorities (local and national governments). We (in the UK and elsewhere) live under a commercial (maritime) system of law which has less to do with justice than money.

As we become less reliant on the current money system, the structure becomes starved of its essential resource… us.

If you are looking to be a tax refusenik, feel free to plagiarise any of the material we’ve used, including our Response to the summons which lays out seven reasons not to pay or comply.