“Is COVID A Conspiracy?”

Some knew, even as the psychological operation (codename COVID-19) began to unfold, that Covid is a long planned conspiracy. Indeed, Critical Thinking’s final analysis published in October 2019 anticipated the human cull mentioning mass vaccination as the possible means. Mainstream opinion doggedly refused to budge through 2020 and 2021 although cracks in the fabricated narrative … Read more

Serial Killing

I often wonder what it will take to wake those still oblivious to the agenda of destruction that accelerated with the covid trojan. Perhaps it is the killing of the most vulnerable that will jerk people into consciousness. Naomi Wolf interviewed Edward Dowd in March this year to discuss analysis of all cause mortality. During … Read more

Vaccination Mandates Are Unenforceable

The Legal Advice Network in the UK has issued an open letter addressed to Sajid Javid and various other bag carriers for unlawful policies. RE: THE ‘REQUIREMENT’ FOR CARE WORKERS TO BE VACCINATEDDue to the unprecedented number of enquires from care workers concerned at the new requirement to be vaccinated or lose their jobs, we … Read more